Scary: Extremely poisonous yellow cobra “cuts bones and destroys flesh” on forbidden island


Scary: Extremely poisonous golden tiger snake “breaks bones and destroys flesh” on forbidden island

The golden lancehead viper is one of the most venomous snakes in the world. This snake is responsible for 90% of snakebite-related deaths in Brazil.

Legend has it that the people who live on the island and even those who stray to this island cannot return.

This snake has a spear-like tip and golden metallic skin. The only habitat of this snake is the island of Ilha de Queimada – also known as Snake Island – 32km off the coast of Sao Paolo (Brazil).

When bitten by a snake, the venom causes a variety of symptoms such as: edema, local pain, nausea, vomiting, hematoma, vomiting and hematuria, bleeding in the intestines, kidney failure, brain hemorrhage and severe muscle necrosis.

Nằm Ngủ Mơ Thấy Rắn Vàng là điềm báo gì và đánh con gì


The island of Ilha de Queimada is so dangerous that the Brazilian government has banned people from approaching. Only a few scientists are allowed on the island for research purposes.

This island has an area of ​​430,000 m2 and is also the only place where the golden lancehead viper lives.

According to statistics here, for every 1m2 there are 5 spear-headed vipers. But even if the number of snakes is less, it is difficult to avoid death when you go more than 3 steps.


The reason why this snake has become so dangerous is still a mystery.

One widely accepted theory is that 11,000 years ago, sea levels rose and separated the island of Ilha de Queimada Grande from Brazil, leaving the island’s snakes with only a limited food source of migratory birds. reside.

Most snake venom takes a long time to work, sometimes up to several days. This means that by the time snake venom kills birds, they may have moved elsewhere.

So snakes have evolved to have extremely strong venom, which can kill prey almost instantly.

The venom of the snakes on this island is 5 times more powerful than the venom of other snakes and can even melt human skin.

A single bite of this snake carries a 7% risk of death for humans. Before the island was banned, there were many cases of victims of this terrifying reptile.


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