All the shoes Cristiano Ronaldo wore during his football career


The Mercurial Dream Speed 6 (MDS 006) boots are Nike’s most recent model and were designed specifically for Cristiano Ronaldo. This particular version was motivated by the flowers of the nations Ronaldo has played in:

Air Zoom Superfly 9 Blast

Even though he may have taken his skills to another continent, CR7 was undoubtedly not one to miss his Nike On-pitch boots. That came to pass when he switched from the white and blue signature shoe he wore during the 2022 World Cup to the Blast Mercurial Superfly sometime in early 2023.

2022 World Cup Ronaldo Boots

The Nike Mercurial Air Zoom Superfly 9 Elite World Cup Signature edition boots worn by CR7 are the most recent models. These boots are also offered in a Pro version with a similar design for children who want to wear boots that resemble their favorite players, as well as a Vapor low collar edition.

Prior to switching to his personal edition, Ronaldo spent the majority of the 22/23 season wearing the Lucent pack.

For kids who want boots that resemble Ronaldo’s and other Nike players’, the Air Zoom Superfly 9 Elite Lucent edition is available in a Pro version with a similar design. There is also an Academy option, which takes the looks to a lower price point.

Along with Kylian Mbappe, Ronaldo frequently wears the Dream Speed series as well as his own signature edition boots with distinctive designs and colors. The Chapter Series of seven boots, which were centered on CR7’s career, was followed by the Mercurial Dream Speed line.

What’s CR7 Wearing?

Since signing Ronaldo early in his career, Nike has placed a lot of emphasis on the CR7 football boots. Ronaldo first wore the mid-cut, technologically advanced Superfly model before switching to the Mercurial Vapor. Ronaldo is known for altering the lower collar on his pairs of football boots, which Nike has incorporated into the models made just for him.

To highlight this unique partnership, Nike made Cristiano Ronaldo’s signature edition boots and the LVL Up & Dream Speed releases specifically for him. CR7 exclusively debuted the original Mercurial Dream Speed alongside Kylian Mbappe and Sam Kerr.

A shattered multicolor print marks Ronaldo ʙʀᴇᴀᴋɪɴɢ records

His first goal for Portugal is commemorated on the tongue tab with the date (June 6, 2004) and the minute (90 + 3). The Portuguese flag-inspired heel is accented by burgundy on the side, gold detailing, and speckled laces.

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed #005 Football Boots

Ronaldo and Mbappe are the first Nike athletes to wear the fifth iteration of the Mercurial Dream Speed line.


Ronaldo’s CR7 Spark Positivity Superfly Euro 2020 Boots

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Euro 2020 boots are the CR7 Spark Positivity Superfly 8, which are also available in kids academy and Elite versions. Ronaldo wore these boots during the UEFA Euro.

Mercurial Dream Speed 004

The CR7-designed Nike boots, which are the fourth generation of the Dream Speed series and the first on the Superfly 8 and Mercurial Vapor 14, will be available in 2021. In addition to Ronaldo and Mbappe, other players like Haaland, Fernandes, and Fati will also wear them.

Mercurial Dream Speed 003

The third version of Nike’s Mercurial Dream Speed line, worn by Sam Kerr, Kylian Mbappe, and designed to Cristiano Ronaldo’s exact specifications.

Nike Mercurial CR7 Safari Ronaldo Superfly Boots

With the addition of Ronaldo’s celebration pose and the CR7 signature and logo on the sockliner, the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Safari is almost an exact replica of the Safari Print Mercurial Vapor Superfly II.

MDS #002 Lemon Venom

The Lemon Venom Mercurial Dream Speed, MDS #002, is the second release in a line of boots for Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, and Sam Kerr to represent. It was inspired by the 2006 R9 World Cup Vapor III.

Nike Mercurial Dream Speed #001 Boots

With the incredible MDS #001, Mercurial Dream Speed, the first edition, designed to Cristiano Ronaldo’s exact specifications and also worn by Nike superstar Kylian Mbappe, Nike introduces the signature line to the Mercurial line. These Blue Void Mercurials are out of this world!

Ronaldo’s Shuai Blue Nike Superfly 7 China Edition

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first Superfly 7 signature edition, the CR7 Shuai, is this time a blue Mercurial. It has since established itself as an annual China Edition for CR7 as he embarks on his summer promotional tour of China.


Ronaldo’s Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7STIANO

Cristiano Ronaldo will wear the 2019 Bianconeri-inspired CR7 Nike Superfly boots during his first season at Juventus in Italy.

White Superfly LVL Up Mercurial

A nod to the Game Over pack and Mbappe & Ronaldo being on the next level with their boots, Nike releases a boot for Ronaldo & Mbappe that is inspired by What the Mercurial and decides it’s time for them to LVL up. The style was influenced by Master-level Mercurial boots from the past.

Cheetah Print Superfly 6 by Kim Jones

Unique version of the Superfly 360 launch boots, with added Cheetah print design, fastest land animal, paired with Kim Jones creative look & his name adorns the upper. Limited release of these MERCURIAL SUPERFLY 360 X KIM JONES.

CR7 Chapter Series

Ronaldo’s Signature Chapter 7 Superfly Boots

The red, black, and silver Superfly 360 for the Juventus forward features a carbon fiber design around the heel and small 7s all over the upper. This is Ronaldo’s final chapter in his Superfly Chapters collection.

CR7 World Cup Edicao Especial 154 Limited Boots

Edição Especial, a special white version of Ronaldo’s Chapter 6 boots, Born Leader, are his World Cup knockout round footwear.

Ronaldo’s Chapter 6 Born Leader CR7 Superfly

Grab Ronaldo’s Chapter 6 Born Leader Superfly and guide your team to victory on your own as they were made in honor of his sacrifices for the success of the national team both on and off the field. The black collar of the Jade blue/green boots features a matching gold Nike Swoosh and Captain’s logo.

Signature Chapter 5 Cut to Brilliance CR7 Superfly

With its diamond cuts print, multi-color shadings, and embossed diamond cut CR7 branding, the thematic follow-up to Chapter 2, Cut to Brilliance, depicts Cristiano Ronaldo at his best as a global superstar, goal-scoring machine, multi-awarded football player, and a champion on both the domestic and international fronts.

Signature Chapter 4 Forged for Greatness CR7 Superfly

With this CR7-signed Superfly, which combines a hot orange base with a dark metallic grey top, you’ll be forged for greatness. This boot shows Ronaldo as a budding talent forged into a world-famous star with a play as incisive as a sword.

CR7 Superfly Chapter 3 Discovery

Reminisce CR7’s career-changing encounter against Manchester United with this signature Superfly V packed with references to the said match like the Lisbon-inspired colours and the match date printed at the back of the heel.

Cristiano Ronaldo Signature Chapter 2 Boots – Superfly IV ‘Natural Diamond’

The heel of “Natural Diamond,” which starkly contrasts with the toe box’s smooth surface and effectively represents CR7 as a rough diamond that has been polished to become the brightest, has a rocky, rough texture that gradually fades at the midfoot point. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, Chapter 2 also meaningfully illustrates that talent must be honed by perseverance in training in order to succeed, as Ronaldo can attest.

In the beginning – CR7 Signature Chapter 1 ‘Savage Beauty’

In Chapter 1, CR7’s ascent to stardom is compared to a lava that begins at the earth’s core before rising sᴜᴅᴅᴇɴʟʏ. The only Chapter boot to still have fantastic visuals applied to it is “Savage Beauty,” a black Superfly 4 with a fiery graphic print on the toe box and sides of the boot. The use of fire in the print pays homage to CR7’s roots on the eruptive Portuguese Island of Madeira.

The 5th of February 1985 saw the birth of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. He started his career with Sporting CP, but due to his exceptional talent, he only played there for one season. The following year, in 2003, he was signed by Manchester United, where he was given the prestigious number 7 after George Best, Eric Cantona, and David Beckham. Together with the team, Ronaldo won the Premier League titles for three straight seasons beginning in 2006-2007, the 2004 FA Cup Final, the 2006 Football League Cup Final, and the Double with the 2008 Champions League Final triumph.


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