7 creepy human sacrifice rituals in ancient Egypt


Many ancient cultures considered “human sacrifice” in a creepy way as a very normal thing in their lives.

The creepy living sacrifice rituals in history

1. Mayan holy well

Religion played an important role in the spiritual life of the Mayan people of Itza. According to ancient Mayan texts, the drought was caused by the wrath of the Water God . To make the god happy, they had to bring into the well a 14-year-old virgin. The ancients believed that when a girl was thrown into the well, she would become a servant of the water god, eat well, dress well, and enjoy a comfortable life. However, even though the climate is stable all year round, there is no limit. drought or natural disaster, the clergy in Maya also chose a beautiful girl to thank the Water God. People from all over the world gathered to gather at the shrine next to the magic well. This temple is 60m long, 30m high, and in the temple is also engraved the image of the Water God, a snake with wings.

7 creepy living sacrifice rituals in the world

The selected girl, wearing a splendid outfit, sat waiting in the shrine. Standing next to the girl are many healthy boys wearing a golden armor, ready to take the rain god’s bride to the ” safe ” holy well. The ceremony will begin at dawn, the “bride” of the Water God is placed in a palanquin and is blessed and blessed by the magicians. The poor girl was also given a magical drink to help calm her nerves and keep her calm. The procession will carry the girl to the holy well on a 400m long road. When she arrived, the young girl was thrown into the air by the bodyguards and then fell freely into the holy well . At this time, the drums sound, the crowd will dance and sing, the rich people will throw gold, silver, and treasures into the well to pray for peace.

7 creepy living sacrifice rituals in the world

Since the mid-16th century, European colonizers conquered South America, Maya cities like Chichen Itza gradually perished. From then on, no one held sacrifices to the people living in the holy wells anymore. Through research, archaeologists have found more than 100 human skeletons at the bottom of the holy well, many treasures and ancient utensils.

2. Human sacrifice will bring victory in wars

The ancient Hawaiians believed that sacrificing the living could please the god Ku – the god of war and defense, allowing them to win battles.

7 creepy living sacrifice rituals in the world

Sacrifices were performed at the Heiau Temple, the leaders of the other tribes were captured and hung upside down on a wooden stand . After their sweat was used by the priest to cover their bodies, 

the sacrifices were beaten until the flesh was mushy and eventually all the organs were removed.

But the ritual didn’t stop there – the meat of the person being sacrificed was “cooked or eaten raw” by the priest and leader of the Hawaiian tribe.

3. Human life will keep the sun from ever dying

The Aztecs believed that sacrificing human life would keep the Sun from ever dying . Blood is what “nurtures the life that the gods give people” and the sun god Huitzilopochtli needs it to be able to survive and thrive.

The sacrifice of this brutal ritual killing consisted of a volunteer and a member of other tribes captured by the Aztecs after the war. The priest used a knife to cut from the neck to the abdomen of the person being sacrificed, cut out the heart of the sacrifice and offered it to the gods.

7 creepy living sacrifice rituals in the world

According to the ritual, the sacrifice would walk up the temple steps by himself. When stepping foot on the last step, a monk would cut from their necks to their stomachs, cut out their hearts and offer them to the gods. 

The remaining body would later be dismembered and thrown in the basement of the temple.

4. Sacrifice by chopping up a human body

Using people as sacrifices used to be very common in ancient China , especially during the Shang Dynasty – the first Chinese dynasty recorded in history books.

According to archaeologists, this ritual was performed for two purposes: the first is to control political issues, the second is to serve the religious connection. Experts believe that, during the Shang Dynasty, there were three types of human sacrifice rites. The first rite was performed in the basement, the sacrifices chosen were young men. Their bodies were dismembered and then buried in the ground.

7 creepy living sacrifice rituals in the world

The second ritual uses infants and young children. Archaeological evidence shows that these children suffered a very painful and cruel death. As for the final rite, unlike the two above rites, the sacrificed girls are buried very carefully, their bodies completely intact.

5. Sacrifice is torture

The Etruscans are an ancient people living in Tuscany in western Italy. They were mainly farmers and traders who traded back and forth between Greece and Carthage. The sacrificed person was brutally tortured before dying. Experts have found several bones of adults, children and even babies that the Etruscans used to sacrifice in Tarquinia (Italy). Among them are mainly foreigners, sick people or people of low status in society.In addition, the researchers learned more about the rituals by which the Etruscans performed sacrifices – including a stone altar, a box containing sacrificial tools such as a trumpet, an ax and a shield.

6. Burying his wife alive with her husband’s “corpse”

Many Egyptian researchers believe that, in ancient times, the Egyptians had ritual sacrifices of living people . Although some other experts disagree with this opinion, the sacrificial tombs at Abydos have been found to be indisputable evidence.

7 creepy living sacrifice rituals in the world

The ancient Egyptians most likely sacrificed the Pharaoh’s servants or wives so that they could continue to serve the king after his death. Egyptologist George Reisener believes that servants found in the tombs of King Djer and King Aha were buried alive with their tools and implements.Reisener also theorized that King Djer’s wife was buried alive with the king’s body. However, these sacrificial rituals were eventually scrapped and replaced by the burial of Ushabti – statues of servants entering the pharaohs’ tombs to serve him.

7. Just give your life, life will be peaceful

The Incas believed that sacrificing children to the gods was a way to prevent natural disasters from occurring . The Inca Empire had suffered many calamities, such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and floods.

7 creepy living sacrifice rituals in the world

The Incas believed that these natural disasters were controlled by the gods. Just dedicate their lives to the gods, their lives will be peaceful.Most of the sacrifices were incarcerated prisoners, but some children still became victims of this barbaric ritual. Children are considered the purest beings to offer to the gods. The Incas believed that, after becoming a sacrifice, children would enjoy more happiness and peace in another life.The children before being killed will be cared for with great care with delicious meals, festivals to honor their sacrifice and even meeting the king. The Incas believed that after becoming a sacrifice, they would enjoy more happiness and peace in another life.


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