The dream life of the Messi family in the mιllιon dоllаr mansion that every player has to crave for


Nestled in the gorgeous hills in the center of Barcelona is the lavish million-dollar estate that is home to the Messi family. This architectural wonder serves as a haven for Lionel Messi’s beloved family in addition to being a monument to his unmatched accomplishment on the football field.

Barcelona: Messi: My wish was to return to Barcelona and retire there, but  it wasn't possible | Marca

The mansion is a picture of elegance from every angle. The expansive gardens with their colorful flowers and well-kept hedges show off its magnificence. The stunning bronze sculpture of a football player, frozen in mid-stride, pays homage to the sport that has characterized Messi’s life. A cobblestone driveway goes up to the entrance.


Upon entering, one is welcomed by an incredible entryway that has a chandelier made of crystals that hangs from the tall ceiling and softly illuminates the marble floors below. A diverse array of modern artwork adorns the walls, demonstrating Messi’s love for creativity off the field.



The living areas are sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. A state-of-the-art entertainment system is surrounded by luxurious, large sofas that invite the family to relax and spend quality time together. The expansive views of the Mediterranean from the floor to ceiling windows serve as a continual reminder of the beauty all around them.



The gourmet kitchen, where the aromas of many cuisines blend with the sounds of laughing and conversation, is the center of the house. Here, Lionel and his spouse Antonella frequently indulge in their love of cooking and prepare delicious meals for their three kids.

Lionel Messi Has Scored a Waterfront South Florida House – Robb Report

The bedrooms are peaceful havens that are individually decorated to showcase the individuality of the people who sleep in them. Messi’s personal space includes a walk-in closet that rivals the best shops, filled with an amazing assortment of jerseys that are all mementos of his remarkable career.

Messi Mansion in Miami by Veliz Arquitec|Visualization


Outside, the infinity pool provides relief from the Spanish sun as it appears to blend into the Mediterranean’s azure seas. Enviable reclining areas and a fully-stocked barbecue pavilion make the ideal setting for festivities and family get-togethers.

Messi and Antonela splash out on £8.6m Fort Lauderdale mansion with boat  docks to add to £15m Miami property portfolio | The Sun

The Messi family’s aspirations have found refuge in this million-dollar house. It is a place of solace, a platform for individual expression, and evidence of the legendary football player’s ongoing influence. Here, they enjoy the lifestyle that every athlete dreams of, enjoying the rewards of years of unmatched talent, passion, and dedication.

Lionel Messi New Car Collection 2021 - YouTube


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