Stephen Hawking warns of terrible consequences when aliens invade Earth


This is not the first time that Stephen Hawking, a British theoretical physicist and cosmologist, has warned about the risk of alien invasions turning Earth into a colony to exploit natural resources.

 Stephen Hawking, British theoretical physicist and cosmologist has repeatedly warned about aliens

The famous physicist said that it is necessary to be careful when responding to the signals of aliens because they can turn the Earth into a colony to exploit materials to build spacecraft.

Physicist Stephen Hawking’s warning about the dangers if aliens make contact with Earth was made during the recent CuriosityStream program, according to CNET.

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The famous physicist uses Gliese 832c, a habitable extrasolar planet just 16 light-years from Earth as an example to illustrate his idea.

“If alien life forms evolve on Gliese 832c, we may one day receive a signal from this planet, but we should be cautious about responding. Meet an advanced civilization. progress is like the Native Americans encountering the 16th century explorer Columbus. That encounter did not have a very good outcome,” Hawking said.

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“I imagine they could survive on giant spaceships after exhausting all the resources from their original planet. These civilized aliens could become nomads to conquer and colonize any planet they come across. I think it makes sense to assume that they mine every new planet for materials to build more spaceships and keep moving. their term,” Hawking said.

Hawking’s view is rooted in looking at the path of intelligent life on Earth. According to Hawking, if the same route is applied by aliens to humans, humanity will certainly suffer the consequences.

“We don’t know aliens very well, but we do understand humanity. If you look back in history, encounters between humans and less intelligent organisms have often turned out to be catastrophic from a point of view.” The clash between civilizations holding advanced and rudimentary technology also has bad consequences for the less advanced. They could be billions of years ahead of us. , they will be very strong and can treat us like bacteria,” Hawking concludes.


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In fact, the famous physicist is also looking for aliens. In 2015, he launched a 10-year project to pick up signals from near-Earth stars with powerful telescopes with funding from the Royal Society of London.

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The world’s largest telescope starts hunting aliens

With a diameter of 500 m and an area the size of 30 football fields combined, the 500 m Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) has broken the record of the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico to become the largest telescope. best on the planet. The larger the area, the stronger the reconnaissance intensity, the clearer the signal.

Peng Bo, deputy director of the FAST project and director of the NAO Radio Astronomy Technology Laboratory is proud to say that this radio telescope project can pick up signals from space 11 billion years away from Earth. light, and can double the number of stars around the earth in just one year of operation. Accordingly, FAST can detect radio signals and signs of life from distant planets in the universe.

China’s impressive scientific work was officially completed after 5 years of construction. FAST is located in a limestone basin in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province in southwestern China and began operating on September 25, according to  CNN.


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