Mbappé’s new gift to himself: he buys a half a million euro Ferrari that he will not be able to use ‎



The PSG star has gone all out after buying a Ferrari – that he will not be able to use. El delantero francés del Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé, posa a su llegada  a la ceremonia de entrega del Balón de Oro, este lunes en París.



These days, all top level footballers, boast millionaire assets in their personal accounts and are, sometimes wrongly, characterised by buying whims that are not available to anyone and everyone who walks down the street.



This time, the most recent football start to spend an eye-watering amount of money to acquire a new luxury item is Kylian Mbappé.




The Paris Saint-Germain forward has bought one of the most exclusive vehicles on the market: a Ferrari, according to GQ magazine.



The Frenchman has chosen between two models a Ferrari 488 Pista or a Ferrari SF90 Stradale which, when buying brand new, cost around half a million euros.



However, Mbappé will not be able to enjoy this gem of a motor due to a very fundamental problem for those interested in driving a vehicle: the Frenchman does not have a driver’s license despite being 24 years old, something he reminds the fans of every time he is driven to training, sat in the passenger seat.




In fact, Mbappé himself admitted that he “missed” having a driver’s license as his fellow players do, although it is not one of his top priorities as he has drivers at his disposal. “It’s one of the drawbacks of being successful early. I missed simple things like having a driver’s license”, he said.



“I think everyone has one. For many people a licence is an obligation, but it was not for me. Although it is synonymous with autonomy, I had my autonomy early because I have had drivers at my disposal. It has never been a priority,” he confessed in an interview with Bleacher Report.


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