Google Earth Reveals Two Airplanes in Hot Pursuit of a Puzzling UFO in Antarctica.


On Google Maps, members of the prominent YouTube channel “UFOmania,” which deals with ufological occurrences, uncovered something remarkable. Two planes flew near a UFO as they looked at aerial photos from Antarctica. The unidentified flying object appeared to be small and resembled a disk. As is usual with these items, it cast a shadow below. Ufologists emphasize that this is not a block made of ice.


Check out the video below for additional information, and don’t forget to let us know what you think.

We still don’t know what the item was for or why the two planes were chasing it. Because the UFO was seen near an Italian station, it’s possible that the employees observed something unusual in the sky and chose to pursue him. Many academics and ufologists believe that planes belonging to the “grey men” are continually pursued by aviation. Similar events took place in China, Russia and the United States.


What is the real reason for this? Why has there been so many sightings of UFOs in the last two years or three? 74°41’28.0″S 164°08’22.0″E are the coordinates.


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