Shame the Lion King fell in the midst of his archenemy and was slaughtered

Life is impermanent, no one can predict anything. One day he may be the king of all things, the next day he may be the hunter of all things…

In the same family of cats, but with his strength, agility and bloodthirsty, the lion is known as the “King of all species”, the leading animal in the green forest.

To be able to stand in a position that no other animal can touch, lions must not only have special qualities, but also have to go through a period of extremely fierce competition in the wild. .

Lions can endure thirst for 4 days, but cannot go without hunger even for a day. According to observations of scientists, an average adult lion will consume about 5-7 kg of meat a day.

The prey of lions is usually wild boar, boar, buffalo, antelope, deer, gazelle and zebra…

It can be seen that the lion is endowed by “God” with many features that make it able to subdue all species such as vision that is 6 times more sensitive to light than humans, giving it an advantage when hunting at night, the ability to speed up to 80 km/h in a short time, jump more than 10 m, flexible group ability…

Magnificent, screams out fire like that, but few people know when in the situation of “failure, bad luck” a lion will have to go through what pathetic things.

Do Hyenas Eat Lions? (The Answer May Surprise You) - Tiger Tribe

Hyenas Eat Lion Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Lion - Feline, Fighting, Kruger National Park - iStock
Real estate agent Armand Barnard, on a trip to change the wind, fleeing the city’s smog, witnessed the whole sad confrontation between lions and hyenas.That afternoon, Barnard and his wife were extremely excited about their first trip to the sunny and windy land of Africa. On the dusty road, the couple’s biggest wish is to be able to see with their own eyes the wild animals plunging into a violent hunting war.


Do Hyenas Eat Lions? (The Answer May Surprise You) - Tiger Tribe

And then, from the bushes, a frightened lioness ran out to the amazement of the tourists. Not only that, following the lion were four other ferocious hyenas.

Lions and hyenas are known to be arch-enemies. The feud between lions and hyenas stems from a simple reason, a dispute over food sources. Specifically, hyenas are species that often eat other people’s leftovers, not only that, they also form gangs specializing in stealing prey of predators, and of course the king of the jungle cannot feel satisfied. happy when others disturb their food source.

Hate each other, but these two animals are very limited to engage in meaningless competitions, in order to save energy as well as avoid unnecessary injuries.

In the event of a confrontation, the lion will usually be the winner. Although hyenas often lose in one-on-one fights, they are not easy to defeat.

Like in this meeting. The overwhelming numbers gave the hyena the advantage. The hyenas represent the true nature of the hungry wild animals rushing with the ambition of “chasing and killing” the lion. Poor old, weak lion. In the encirclement of the hyenas, its gaze showed extreme despair. Suddenly, in a split second, the lion sprang to his feet and leapt into the thicket. The hyenas hurried after them, all disappearing as quickly as they appeared.

Hyena carries around decapitated lion head to scare off any nearby lions : r/natureismetal


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