Messi hits 300 assists, about to set a record: Fans are sorry for being treated “badly”


Messi has just reached the milestone of 300 assists in his career but was “ignored” by his teammates on the field.

PSG have put a hand on the Ligue 1 title this season after a 2-1 win at Auxerre’s field. The Paris team has 84 points, 6 points more than the second ranked team Lens and the tournament has only 2 rounds to end. The sub-status gap between the two teams at the moment is +16 in favor of PSG (+50 and +34). Therefore, the opportunity of Lens in reality is only in theory.


Messi hit 300 assists, about to set a record: Fans are sorry  for being treated "badly"  - first



Messi hits 300 assists in his career

The person who is mentioned a lot by the French media in this victory of PSG is Kylian Mbappe, the player who scored both goals of the Paris team in this match. However, netizens did not agree with that opinion when many people called  name .

The Argentinian superstar has 1 assist to help Mbappe score and that is Messi’s 16th assist this season in Ligue 1. This achievement makes Messi unique in the position of “King of assists” when he is better than the person ranked in the top position. the second is Neymar to 5 assists. This is also the 300th assist in Messi’s professional playing career.

According to statistics from Squawka, Messi is the only player with both assists and goals scored above 20 in all competitions. That is a really respectable achievement for a player who is about to turn 36. Not only that, Messi has the opportunity to break the record of assists/season in Ligue 1 if he has 2 more assists in the last 2 matches.


Messi hit 300 assists, about to set a record: Fans are sorry for being treated "badly"  - 2

Messi tries to go past 3 players and then his teammates… pass back to home

However, this is not the focus of discussion among netizens at the moment. A question that is trending on the social network “Twitter” is “Why did Messi score so much less when he moved to PSG?” A spectator proves by the situation that took place in the last minute in the latest match of the Paris team.

Messi attempted to dribble past three Auxerre players on the right and then passed the ball to Renato Sanches in the hope of receiving a bounce from his teammate to face the opponent’s keeper. But no, Sanches kept the ball and then passed it back leaving Messi behind.

Immediately, another audience summed up Messi being rejected by his teammates 7 times in just the last 10 minutes of the match! PSG’s No. 30 is often in a favorable position to finish, but his teammates take care of … passing in another direction. Still know Messi is no longer the center of every ball like at Barcelona but the way this player is being treated on the pitch at PSG is really bad.


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