Actor Will Smith and the story of crying in the toilet because he married the wrong wife


Will Smith Celebrates His Oscar Win With Family

Will Smith has just returned to work as a spy in director Ang Lee’s new work. The film was not well received by critics and the appeal of the name Will Smith is said to have decreased significantly.

Will Smith is a rare black artist who flourishes in all three fields of music, television and film. Up to now, after three decades of roaming on all entertainment fronts, the 51-year-old actor is still one of the A-list stars who attract visitors at the box office thanks to his charm and wit that not everyone has.

However, recently with a new action movie in collaboration with director Ang Lee –  Gemini Man , Will Smith still proves his acting ability, but many people think that his box office charm has decreased significantly. .

The most charming, multi-talented star of the 1990s

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA) into a middle-class family with no artistic tradition, teenager Will Smith surprised when he decided to give up his intention of going to college to focus on his dream of a rapper. He started his music career at the age of 12 with two friends, Jazzy Jeff, Clarence Holmes, and took the stage name The Fresh Prince.

The trio is famous for their funny and cheerful rap songs, so they quickly received the enthusiastic love of teenagers. With a series of hits released, Will Smith became a millionaire in America before he turned 18. In the 1990s, he became the most popular black singer in America.

It was the successes early in his career that quickly brought Will Smith to the top of fame at a very young age, but also easily dragged him down the quagmire.

Will Smith bumped into you 1
After many failed projects, many people think that Will Smith’s time is over.


In 1990, Smith’s music career plummeted and he almost went bankrupt due to debt. By the time he was 20 years old, he had already spent more than a million dollars that he had earned before.

Fortunately, while on the verge of bankruptcy, he was invited by NBC television to play the lead role in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air . The successful TV series helped Will Smith regain his fame and brought him to the movies. At that time, the ambitious young man Will Smith set himself a new goal to become the biggest movie star in the world.

In the mid-1990s, Will Smith covered almost every screen from home to cinema when he continuously participated in famous action comedy projects and franchises (brands) with global coverage such as Bad Boy, Men in Black, Independence Day.

Not to say, with constant efforts, within just over a decade of encroaching on cinema, Will Smith has become the only star with 8 consecutive films reaching over 100 million in revenue in the US, 8 films consecutively debuted at the top of the Hollywood box office chart and 11 consecutive films grossed over 150 million USD worldwide.

However, the series of strong victories in the career of the black-robed spy was interrupted when entering the 2000s with the disastrous defeat of Wild Wild West. Many people explain that the wrong way of choosing the script made Smith miss many opportunities to shine with more impressive works.

Will Smith bumped into you 2
The Men in Black series helped establish Will Smith’s name in Hollywood.

“He should have had a more refined and discerning mind,” The Hollywood Reporter once said. The biggest regret of this actor is probably when he chose to give up participating in the sci-fi blockbuster The Matrix to choose a movie about western cowboys with poor quality.

Career up and down erratically

Temporarily parting with blockbuster movies, black actors began to realize that they should turn to another path when starting to conquer more difficult roles in content-invested works. It can be said that from then on, Will Smith’s acting career turned to a new direction.

He received his first Oscar nomination in 2001 for his sports biography Ali  (2001) as boxing legend Muhammad Ali. This is the third time Will Smith proves his talent has no limit when he not only knows how to rap and make fun on screen but also has the ability to make people cry with his acting ability.

During his film career, Will Smith won 28 awards out of 49 nominations, notably 5 Golden Globe nominations and 2 Oscar nominations for Best Actor. In 2007,  Newsweek officially called Will Smith “the most powerful actor in Hollywood”.


Will Smith bumped into you 3
Smith’s biographical role as Muhammad Ali earned him his first Oscar nomination of his career.

As of 2014, 17 of the 21 films he starred in have grossed over $100 million , of which five have surpassed the $500 million mark internationally.

A 10-year long series with a variety of genres and a series of successes from both revenue and awards, the career of this charming actor began to show signs of slowing down from 2012. In the years that followed, he retired. about production work or just appearing as a guest.

However, after a period of silence, this black star came back with many continuous projects. But none of those works received a positive effect from the audience. Because it is quite easy to choose a film project, he participates in massively the work “upper gold lower bran” with all kinds of genres. The most disappointing is probably the movie After Earth (2013) and Will Smith himself must admit this is the most painful failure of his career.

Movies with his participation after that such as Suicide Squad, Collateral Beauty  or Bright  were all badly criticized. Obviously from the above failures, the strength of the famous Will Smith brand in the past has been significantly shaken.


Will Smith bumped into you 4
Will Smith’s Genie role in Aladdin caused a lot of sympathy with the audience.


At this point, many people think that the age of this 51-year-old star is over. But unexpectedly this year, Will Smith caught the eye when he returned in two blockbusters that resonated with him, Aladdin as the Genie and Gemini Man in collaboration with 3-time Oscar-winning Taiwanese director – Ang Lee. . Aladdin

 became the highest-grossing film of Will Smith’s career when it earned more than a billion dollars.

Despite the ups and downs of his career, thanks to the remarkable successes he has built in the past, Will Smith is still respected by the filmmakers as one of Hollywood’s top stars with a large fortune. up to more than 300 million USD .

Despite getting older and less humorous than before, this 51-year-old actor still possesses a strong appeal, a charismatic charm to the masses that not all actors have, let alone maintain. it for decades.

Many people think that the current Will Smith era is over when many generations of young stars rise and dominate the market, but for fans of the black spy or the sassy, ​​witty Hancock of the past, there are Perhaps it will be a long time before someone can replace this particular actor’s position. His generous smile will forever be a unique Hollywood specialty.

Will Smith bumped into you 5
Will Smith is still remembered as the most successful black star in Hollywood.

cried when she found out she married the wrong person

Will Smith experienced a broken marriage with his first wife – actress Sheree Zampino. They married in 1992 and the two quickly divorced only 3 years later. The two have a son Trey Smith (26 years old) who is also a famous actor.

Going back in time, it was actress Jada Pinkett who made his heart flutter before Sheree when they both joined the sitcom Different World . However, fate arranged very differently for both. During a time when Smith went to the set to meet Jada, he accidentally ran into Sheree Zampino and ended up in a wedding that even Smith himself could not understand why he was in such a hurry.

Speaking on Red Table Talk television , Smith recalled: “It was one of the strangest emotions I have ever experienced in my life. Jada and I are in a restaurant. Suddenly I got up from the table, rushed to the bathroom and burst into tears when I suddenly realized that I was not with the woman I wanted to be with. I knew that Jada was the one I wanted to live with, not my first wife, Sheree Zampino.”


Will Smith bumped into you 6
Will Smith had a short three-year marriage to his first wife, Sheree Zampino.

He said that when he stepped out of the toilet, he knew for sure that he had to immediately initiate a divorce because he couldn’t become an adulterous husband and cheat on his wife. After officially becoming a single man, he began dating Jada Pinkett – the woman he had been in love with for a long time. The two quickly got married in 1997.

The two lived happily together for 22 years. To date, they have two children together, Jaden (21) and Willow (18) and both pursue the same artistic path as their parents.

The 20-year history of love is admirable, but also full of disdain

Will Smith and Jada have created the most beautiful, enduring and admirable love story in Hollywood. The Smith family empire was also built from this marriage, making them the most powerful star family in this movie country.

Will Smith bumped into you 7
Will Smith’s family is one of the formidable forces in Hollywood with both his wife and 3 children active in the arts.

On the 20th wedding anniversary, Will Smith sent his wife words of passionate love: “Being with you, I learned that love is like gardening. I learned to focus on helping you shine. Be bright with what you want to be, not ask me to be what you need to be.

I learned to nurture your dreams, not make you fulfill my selfish needs. He learned that to love is to listen, to give, to be free. Happy wedding day, my queen!”.

He asserts that unconditional love is something we have to work for a hundred thousand times and it is completely different from what people see in movies.

However, like many other Hollywood stars, Will Smith’s private life and family story are also surrounded with countless rumors that have yet to be resolved. In 2011, his wife – Jada was reported by the press to have secretly dated Marc Anthony. In 2012, Star magazine reported that Will Smith had a same-sex relationship with a man named Duane Martin, which heavily affected the sales of Men in Black 3.

Will Smith bumped into you 8
Will Smith often spends sweet words when talking about his wife.

3 years later, Will Smith continues to be entangled in an affair scandal with her beautiful co-star in Focus  Margot Robbie. Secretive and rarely explained about his private life, until now Will Smith’s marriage secrets, his true gender… all are still a big question mark with the public.

Some people believe and some people don’t believe in Will Smith’s rare and beautiful love story, but no one can deny that the black actor is one of the cleanest male stars in terms of private life. He did not leave any ugly image in the public eye even a small statement.

Will Smith is still a million-dollar actor, a faithful husband, and a rare model father of Hollywood. His family home is what any male star dreams of having, especially two contemporaries – Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise.


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