Aerobatic planes welcome Tom Cruise to Cannes


When Tom Cruise hit the Cannes red carpet with the “Top Gun” crew, the French Air Force’s Patrouille de France team hovered in the air.

On the second day of the Cannes Film Festival, Tom Cruise caught the attention of the audience when he and the “Top Gun: Maverick” crew hit the red carpet on May 18. The performance of the flying team was inspired by the work of the actor. Tom Cruise reprises his role as pilot Pete Mitchel as part one released 35 years ago. According to USA Today , Cruise flew the plane in some scenes to increase the realism of the film.


The fans greeted the actor with endless applause and cheers. At the same time, the French Air Force’s Patrouille de France aerobatic team hovered overhead, spewing red, white and blue plumes of smoke into the sky.

Tom Cruise and co-star Jennifer Connelly enjoy acrobatics.

According to Variety, fans standing near palm trees outside the venue chanted “Tom! Tom!” when I see you. According to Reuters , some people have been present since early morning to meet the idol. Oriane Holz, 22, said: ‘I definitely have to meet him, one way or another!

Katy McNulty, 46, and Joanne Routledge, 52, set out at night. The two woke up at 3 a.m. and traveled from the north of England to Scotland, flew from Edinburgh to Nice, and then took the train to Cannes to meet Tom. “We promised our co-workers at home that we had to have a picture taken with Tom,” Routledge said. Stan Hamilton, an American student studying French at Cannes, said: “My father and I watched ‘Top Gun’ when I was little. I wish he could be here with me now.”

The actor became the focus of the red carpet with a black suit and heeled shoes. His movie – “Top Gun: Maverick” has been delayed for two years because of the pandemic. Tom Cruise said on stage before the screening: “It’s been a great evening and a great time to get to know everyone. It’s been 36 years since the first ‘Top Gun’ movie came out and we had to endure for many years because of the epidemic”.

Actress Jennifer Connelly walked alongside Tom in a Louis Vuitton dress.


Before the red carpet, Tom Cruise arrived at the press conference with a blue suit and aviator glasses that have been associated with his appearance for many years.

Jennifer Connelly chose a sequin design by Louis Vuitton, matching red leather boots during the press conference.

“Top Gun: Maverick” is in the group of remarkable works at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, only premiered at the festival, not registered for competition. The film received positive reviews from critics after early screenings. Some international writers rated the film as “one of Hollywood’s best blockbusters in recent years”. The organizers honored Tom Cruise for his contributions to cinema at this year’s event.

Tom Cruise was born in 1962, 1.7 m tall and weighs about 68 kg. When he was new to acting, he was often teased because of his short height . However, thanks to the scientific exercise regime, the actor was dubbed the “ageless person” in Hollywood, his appearance did not change much over time. He played ” Mission Impossible “, “The Mummy”, “Jack Reacher 2: Never Go Back” … The actor does not use social networks, rarely shares his personal life after the noisy divorce. with Katie Holmes in 2012.


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