“After Earth”: Million Dollar Blockbuster or Will Smith’s Shame?


Overall, “After Earth” is easy to understand, easy to watch, easy to entertain, although not really worthy.


After Earth is set in the future, 1,000 years after humans left Earth because of a cataclysmic flood. The once green planet is no longer a home for humans to live in, but on the contrary, has become the most dangerous planet, with the residence of wild animals, monsters and thousands of invisible threats. other.
"After Earth": Million Dollar Blockbuster or Will Smith's Shame?  first

The boy Kitai (Jaden Smith) and his father – Cypher (Will Smith) – were a veteran general who were stranded on Earth after their spacecraft crashed in space and were forced to make an emergency landing. . After the accident, Cypher was seriously injured, only Kitai could go out to find a way to save the father and son. 
But before that, Cypher was not a friendly father, a senior commanding officer, he was tough and too strict, not trusting his son. The serious training of the naughty son Kitai did not satisfy Cypher, accidentally this father drew an invisible line between the two, causing Kitai to move further and further away from him.
Until only the father and son survived the explosion, Cypher was forced to change his previous thoughts about Kitai and put his trust in the boy, because Kitai was the only hope for them to return home. ..
"After Earth": Million Dollar Blockbuster or Will Smith's Shame?  2
After Earth is a blockbuster with a large investment budget: $ 160 million, however, the film did not achieve a satisfactory revenue when it was released. Even the Western press called this the most embarrassing failure of Will Smith in history. The actor has always been the perfect box office guarantor for any movie he’s featured in, and After Earth is his first movie that doesn’t even climb to #2. in the North American grossing film chart in the first week of its release.
The question is, does the film deserve to be stoned… so cruelly? First of all, compared to the $160 million budget and winged praise to promote this film before, After Earth is not really worth it. The film is not a monumental and eye-catching blockbuster. Viewers must have expected more from the Smith and his father’s collaboration in this movie, but in reality, they are two independent individuals and the on-screen harmony is quite low. Or maybe because the shadow of the previous 
The Pursuit of Happyness was too large, the After Earth reunion of Will – Jaden Smith became blurred.
"After Earth": Million Dollar Blockbuster or Will Smith's Shame?  3
Jaden’s acting ability in the film is also expected, but he really doesn’t have to use too many skills when taking on this role. Most of Jaden only has to do the action scenes with high intensity. And Will Smith almost just had to … sit and guide his son to complete the task. The context of the post-apocalyptic Earth also gives the audience an interest in the majestic nature, but it is not too impressive. 
"After Earth": Million Dollar Blockbuster or Will Smith's Shame?  4
However, the film does not deserve to be “subdued” in its entirety because besides the action scenes, it also brings a few emotional moments to the audience, such as the story of father-son love, the camaraderie of the couple. guardians, or meaningful lessons about fear in every human being. “Danger is real, but fear or not is your choice” – this can be said to be the best and most “worthy” line of Will Smith in After Earth. In addition, the entertainment needs of the audience are also different from the needs of critics, After Earth is enough to entertain, with many attractive, thrilling and suspenseful situations for viewers.
Looking at the whole picture, After Earth is easy to understand, easy to watch, easy to entertain, although not quite commensurate with the word “blockbuster”. It is also a testament to the fact that: if there was a time when Hollywood parents bought sports cars as gifts for their children, now is the age when they give each other gifts. gifts with greater “spiritual” value, such as appearing in a $ 160 million fantasy blockbuster, for example…

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