Aliens were exposed after China’s Chang’e 4 spacecraft detected an anomaly on the Moon?

Aliens were exposed after China's Chang'e 4 spacecraft detected an anomaly on the Moon?
Up to now, the Moon is still an unexplored mystery.

The beginning of the lunar exploration program must include a series of missions belonging to the Apollo Program from the US. The world is expecting that the program will answer all questions about the Moon. However that did not happen.

Apollo not only has yet to answer the questions posed, but also raises more questions about what the true origin of the Moon is. The moon has UFOs , the moon is empty, is the moon an artificial object of an advanced civilization?… All questions are still unknown.

Over the decades, the outcome of the 1969 American Apollo 11 successful landing on the Moon has always been a mystery and very unpredictable.

On January 3, 2019, the Chinese lunar probe Chang’e 4 (Hang’e 4, Chang’e-4) successfully landed in the Von Karman crater on the back of the Moon, open hope to solve the mysteries about this place. 

Has Russia 4 discovered aliens on the Moon?

Aliens were exposed after China's Chang'e 4 spacecraft detected an anomaly on the Moon?  - Photo 1.

The original image from the moon was sent back to Earth by the Chang’e 4 probe. (Photo: Sohu)

Initially, the pictures of the Moon from the Chang’e 4 probe published by Chinese scientists were very normal, there did not seem to be any signs of aliens and UFOs on the Moon. This has almost caused disappointment in the world of space science.

However, recently Thuong Nga 4 sent back to Earth an unusual phenomenon that is expected to happen on Saturday (June 26, 2021). About 430 meters from the ship’s landing area, a pyramid-shaped stone block appeared, standing out among the surrounding sand and dust.

Aliens were exposed after China's Chang'e 4 spacecraft detected an anomaly on the Moon?  - Photo 2.

The strange rock mass was discovered by the probe, raising suspicions about aliens. (Photo: Sohu)

According to previous studies, due to the impact of the solar wind on the surface of the Moon for a long time, combined with the large difference in temperature between day and night, almost all the rocks on the Moon all become dust. 

Can we conclude the existence of aliens on the Moon based on the unusual discovery of this rock?
Chinese scientists have yet to come to an exact conclusion. They need more observational information and close analysis from the Chang’e 4 probe before they can make a final statement.

Aliens were exposed after China's Chang'e 4 spacecraft detected an anomaly on the Moon?  - Photo 4.

Thuong Nga 4 proceeds to take close-up shots of the rock mass. (Photo: Sohu)

Through the process of approaching the object and sending information from the ship to Earth, scientists made preliminary comments, they said that this phenomenon is unusual but certainly not caused by aliens. go out. Most likely, this is the underground structure of the solar wind weathering phenomenon and the temperature difference between day and night. Over time, it grew stronger and took on a new form that appeared as it is now.

Before that, Thuong Nga 4 had many times discovered an anomalous phenomenon on the Moon, but all of them were deciphered by Chinese scientists that were not related to aliens.

Once, Chang’e 4 discovered that the difference in gravity under the Von Karman crater on the back was larger than the rest of the Moon, but later discovered that it was only the result of gravity changes. caused by the nickel-iron compound sinking in the Von Karman crater, not the sign of aliens.

Another time, Chang’e 4 found some special material structures in the Von Karman crater. The interconnected structures form a sticky mass and look slightly shiny. Based on this, many people suspect that there are creatures on the Moon and the liquid they release will bind the lunar soil together.

After Thuong Nga 4 conducted close-ups, then sent the photos back to Earth for research. 

Chinese scientists have come to the final conclusion that this gel-like object is actually created by a thermal layer that, if we look at it from above, will look like a liquid coating on the surface of the Moon and also completely devoid of any signs of life.

This is also the reason for us to believe that the rock that Thuong Nga 4 discovered this time was only formed naturally under the impact of weathering for hundreds of millions of years of the Moon, and then one day it will also be destroyed. will return to dust.


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