The fascinating hunting of the world’s largest crocodile


Nearly ten meters long, extremely ferocious that can swallow an adult in a blink of an eye, is what people record about the largest crocodile species in the world.

Saltwater crocodile

Chief among the largest crocodile species in the world is the saltwater crocodile, which is also the largest reptile in the world. According to records, each adult of this species has an average weight of about 450kg and is about 4.5m long.

The biggest crocodiles in the world

Saltwater crocodile. Photo: Internet
In 1945, this giant reptile became extremely famous for “frightening” when it killed 400 Japanese soldiers as they moved through mangrove swamps on Ramree Island, Myanmar.
Nile Crocodile
With an average length of about 4.2m and weighing up to 410kg, the adult Nile crocodile is the second largest crocodile species currently living on Earth.

Large crocodiles are very dangerous to humans

Nile crocodile. Photo: Internet
The Nile crocodile is very ferocious and is one of the most feared “killers” in the wild. According to statistics, every year Nile crocodiles carry out about 275-745 attacks on people and 63% of them are fatal.
Orinoco crocodile
The third largest crocodile species in the world is the Orinoco crocodile, distributed mainly in Colombia and Venezuela. However, this is one of the most endangered crocodile species in the world today due to the increasing poaching of this species.


Orinoco crocodile. Photo: Internet
With a body weight of about 380kg and more than 4m long, the adult Orinoco crocodile is the 3rd largest crocodile species existing on Earth, very few prey can escape their teeth when accidentally straying in in the territory of this fearsome reptile.
Black Caiman Crocodile
Adult black Caiman crocodiles have an average length of about 3.9m and weigh more than 350kg. This helps them to enter the list of Top 4 largest crocodile species in the world. A special feature of this giant reptile is that they often choose dangerous animals such as piranhas or small Anaconda pythons as food.

Black Caiman Crocodile. Photo: Internet
In addition, larger animals, even humans, also become favorite foods if they accidentally fall into their sights.


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