Brazilian Sensation Neymar and ‘World’s Most Seductive athlete’ alica Schmidt Step Out in Style, Flaunting astonishing £1,400 Boots at Electric Car unveiling


Neymar sure knows how to have a good time.

and the notorious partier and all-round flash king is never too far away from a queue of glamorous ladies.

Neymar took time away from PSG training to head to the eventCredit: Getty

alica Schmidt dazzled in her black dress and white shoesCredit: Splash

Schmidt joked to her millions of fans if the pair should race

So throw together the world’s most expensive footballer, the “world’s sexiest athlete” alica Schmidt, a pair of £1,400 boots and an electric car unveiling and it is a recipe for success for the Brazilian.

He appeared at the launch for the Next.e.GO Wave X Mobile car in Berlin, rocking the pair of bonkers, and eye-wateringly expensive – Louis Vuitton black ankle Oberkampf shoes.

and although they may not quite be like his record-breaking Puma football boots, he proved he has still got his world-class skill with some cheeky keepy-uppies.


Neymar’s suave black jacket and hat matched the outfit from fellow ambassador and athlete Schmidt.

The Brazil star is a brand ambassador for German electric car company Next.e.GO MobileCredit: EPa

Neymar also said hello to Sylvia Walker in Berlin

Neymar also said hello to Sylvia Walker in BerlinCredit: Getty

The Louis Vuitton shoes cost £1,400 for a pairCredit: Louis Vuitton

The 400m runner’s classy black dress revealed part of her midriff and featured an open cut leg.


German stunner Schmidt, 23, was snubbed from the Olympics team for last summer.

and helping to support the new electric car is her latest venture away from athletics after also dipping into TV alongside her track training.

Part-time model Schmidt posted some behind-the-scenes footage on her instagram story, including a selfie with Neymar – she asked her 2.8m followers whether the pair of sports stars should have a race.

Plenty of glam celebrities and fashionistas were also in attendance at this week’s event.

Schmidt took a break from her track training to attend

While there, Neymar signed one of the cars which had his signature logo emblazoned across the bonnet.

On the pitch, the pressure is off for the £198million man.

His PSG side have already wrapped up the Ligue 1 title, the only piece of silverware they will lift this season.

The Brazilian international cuddled up to gorgeous girlfriend Bruna Biancardi and sang on the microphone during the celebrations.

Mauricio Pochettino’s side has three games left – against Troyes and Montpellier and then Metz on the final day of the season.


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