‘x.Xx: Xan.der Cage 4’ Bosses Drop Big Update As He Shares Photo With Deepika Padukone


It was 2017 the last time we saw Vin Diesel‘s action hero Xander Cage in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, but a fourth movie just got a little closer with some big news, and the Fast & Furious star has been getting fans excited on social media.

According to DeadlinexXx 4 is on the upcoming slate of production company The H Collective, although production could get delayed due to the ongoing WGA and SAG strikes. It was previously reported that D.J. Caruso would return as director, with Diesel starring alongside Jay Chou (The Green Hornet

) and Zoe Zhang (Eternal Wave).


There is also a holdup due to a lawsuit from Weying Galaxy Entertainment, which claims H Collective and Diesel breached a contract on the production rights for xXx 4


. The suit remains active as of writing.


Further teasing a fourth movie in the franchise, which is a huge worldwide streaming hit, Diesel shared a throwback photo of himself and his Return of Xander Cage co-star Deepika Padukone in India.

“So grateful and blessed, to have traveled to so many wonderful countries, like India… and to experience their beautiful cultures… a lucky kid from New York. Haha. All love, Always,” the actor wrote.


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