UNSUNG HERO: Lindelof scores victory for Man Utd in Luton Town clɑsh while attacking stars are wasteful and Ten Hag is banned ‎


Luton lost their 17th consecutive match at Old Trafford, but Man Utd did not easily retain three points. As the attacking players continued to squander opportunities, they had to rely on midfielder Victor Lindelof’s moment to win their seventh match in the Premier League this season.

The Swede netted 14 minutes into the second half


There was collective relief around the stadium when Manchester United finally broke the deadlock

Victor Lindelof scored the only goal of the game at Old Trafford

Rasmus Hojlund was denied from close range in the early stages

Rasmus Hojlund missed from five yards out against Luton

83 million USD striker Rasmus Hojlund continued to fail in the Premier League, and he was even injured so he couldn’t play the entire match. The two wingers Alejandro Garnacho and Marcus Rashford both wasted opportunities to face each other. However, the defense with Harry Maguire and Andre Onana played well, with timely interceptions and saves for the home team.

Harry Maguire Jadi MOTM Nih Bos, Senggol Dong!

Luton proactively retreated deep to defend, allowing Man Utd to keep the ball. As usual, the home team had difficulty facing a large defense, only creating a dangerous situation in the first half when Rasmus Hojlund passed from the middle to the left of the penalty area for Alejandro Garnacho to face the goalkeeper in the 41st minute. However, The 19-year-old midfielder was slow to handle the ball and was snatched by the away team’s defender.


Manchester United fans all agree on Alejandro Garnacho after 1-0 win v Luton Town

In the stands, former coach Alex Ferguson returned after a long absence because his wife passed away. He sat next to coach Sam Allardyce, talking and laughing many times. When opportunities were scarce on the field, Allardyce sometimes yawned.


Man Utd only penetrated Luton’s defense thanks to fixed situations and a little luck. Bruno Fernandes’ corner was cleared by the away team and found its way to Mason Mount. The English midfielder passed into the right penalty area for Marcus Rashford to cross and hit the Luton player’s foot. The ball fell at the right range for Victor Lindelof to rush in and shoot towards the center of the goal, opening the score.

Luton is ranked 17th in the Premier League, and their performance is nothing special. The most notable situations in the eight minutes of extra time in the second half belonged to Ten Hag, when he complained about the extra time being too long.

Erik ten Hag has landed a one-game touchline ban after his protests against lowly Luton earned him his third booking of the campaign

Erik ten Hag has landed a one-game touchline ban after his protests against lowly Luton earned him his third booking of the campaign

At one point, Ten Hag scolded the referee for giving Luton a throw-in, resulting in a yellow card. This is Man Utd’s only yellow card in this match, causing the 53-year-old coach to be banned from directing from the sidelines in the next match against Everton.


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