‘Fashion king’: Overwhelmed with the collection of expensive Neymar’s super watches


Not only a football superstar, neymar is also a player with a super expensive watch collection

Neymar – one of the highest paid athletes in the world in 2022, has amassed an incredible watch collection over the course of his career. as a fan of branded watches, right now we will bring to you a list of high-class watches of this striker born in 1992.

Rolex Cosmograph daytona 116518Ln ‘Paul newman’

impressing at the Qatar 2022 World Cup with beautiful and top-notch goals, neymar also left attention when the image of holding a phone with the avatar of the World Cup cup was accidentally recorded by paparazzi. This shows that neymar is ready to do his best to achieve this year’s cup.

The most interesting point in this photo, however, is the watch on his wrist – the rolex Cosmograph daytona 116518Ln ‘Paul newman’, 18k white gold model, black dial with champagne colored sub-dials , reminiscent of the iconic Paul newman daytona dial.

introduced in 2017, this watch with a black cerachrom bezel with an Oysterflex bracelet was the first daytona model to feature a rubber strap. The watch retails for about $29,550. On the market the price is constantly increasing at about $ 42,000.

Rolex Submariner ‘bluesy’ 126613Lb

A two-tone watch, the 41mm rolex Submariner features a royal blue cerachrom bezel surrounding the same-tone dial. This version is nicknamed the rolex ‘bluesy’ by the watch community.

in watchmaking, the Submariner date, when launched in 1969, set the standard for the divers’ community and the rotatable bezel was the primary function of the watch; with 60-minute graduations allowing divers to track dive times and decompression stops accurately and safely.


Market price: $18,000

rolex gMT – Master ii ‘batman’ 126710bLnr

Who doesn’t love this rolex gMT – Master ii with the black and blue color combination on the bezel? The watch has a Jubilee or Oyster strap, nicknamed batman or, some say, batgirl by the watch community.

rolex gMT – Master ii features a bidirectional rotating Cerachrom bezel and 24-hour division in black and blue, on a Jubilee bracelet. how about you? do you also like this gMT – Master ii watch?

Market value approx: $22,000

Rolex gMT – Master ii ‘Sprite’ 126720VTnr

The next watch in his collection is the rolex gMT – Master ii ‘Sprite’ 126720VTnr unveiled at 2022 Watches and Wonders in geneva.

Featuring a green and black combination cerachrom bezel, which has never been done before, the rolex gMT-Master ii ref. 126720VTnr is officially the first left-handed rolex to be produced with the crown at 9 o’clock instead of 3 o’clock. The watch model has been nicknamed “Sprite” by the watch community.

With a new color scheme and eye-catching design, the rolex Sprite breathes new life into one of the world’s most popular watch brands.


Rolex gMT – Master ii 26755SarU

The image shows him wearing a beautiful rose gold rolex gMT-Master ii 126755SarU, whose bezel and dial are set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The very rare 40mm watch retails for $185,000.

Rolex daytona 116505b

Neymar has several daytona watches in his collection and the next daytona model is the rolex daytona 116505bk in rose gold with a black blood-red dial and rose gold sub-dials. The rose gold bezel features an engraved tachometer.

The model, first introduced in 1963, was designed to meet the needs of racers, so racers could measure speeds up to 400km per hour. Today it is one of rolex’s most popular models. This watch is known to be the first daytona to be made of solid gold.

Rolex daytona ‘John Mayer dial’ 11650

Like John Mayer and Erling haaland, neymar Jr. also has one of the watches: the rolex daytona ‘John Mayer dial’ 116508.

Yellow gold watch with green dial, Oyster bracelet, luminous gold hour markers. The words “daytona” are similarly red and are located on the inner rings of the chronograph sub-dial as well as the hour markers.

Unveiled at baselworld 2016, it has become one of the most sought-after rolex models ever.

Rolex daytona ‘Eye of the Tiger’ 116588Tbr

The next watch in neymar Jr’s watch collection can also be found in Lebron James’ and Erling haaland’s watch collection: the rolex daytona ‘Eye of the Tiger’ 116588Tbr.

The 40mm watch features a diamond-set tiger dial, gem-set yellow-gold bezel set with 36 trapezoid-cut diamonds, and diamond hour markers (in addition to the 15, 30, 45, and hour markers). 60 minutes).

Market price is about: 300,000$

Rolex daytona 116508

The PSg and brazil national team soccer player also has another rolex daytona with a black dial. This one is 116508-0004.

The 40mm rose gold daytona features a bezel with engraved tachometer scale with three counters with pushers as this model was originally designed to be the perfect chronograph for endurance racers. .

Market Value: $60,000

Rolex day-date ‘rainbow’ 128348 rbr

Arriving at the FiFa World Cup in doha, the brazilian footballer wore a stunning rolex day-date ‘rainbow’ 128348rbr in gold set with brilliant-cut diamonds and rainbow-colored sapphires.

The bezel is set with brilliant-cut diamonds and features 12 rainbow-colored sapphires for the hour markers, inspired by the bezel of the iconic daytona rainbow.

retail price: 105,500 $

Rolex Pearlmaster Cognac dial 86348SaJOr

Honestly, this model is quite special. The 39mm rose gold rolex Pearlmaster 86348SaJOr in the hands of the player sᴜrprised many – So beautiful!

The bezel is encrusted with 48 baguette-cut sapphires in different orange and yellow tones to create the Fancy Orange design. The dial is rich cognac with diamond-set hour markers and a window right at 3 o’clock.


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