Angelina Jolie photographed by Mark Seliger, 1999. ‎



In 1999, the talented photographer Mark Seliger had the privilege of capturing the timeless beauty and enigmatic presence of Angelina Jolie through his lens. The resulting photographs stand as an iconic testament to Jolie’s magnetic allure during a pivotal period in her career. Seliger, renowned for his ability to encapsulate the essence of his subjects, portrayed Jolie with an intimate yet powerful touch. The images revealed a complex and multifaceted artist, showcasing Jolie’s sultry gaze and striking features in a manner that went beyond the typical celebrity portrait. Seliger’s photographic artistry and Jolie’s captivating aura merged seamlessly, creating a visual narrative that resonated with fans and critics alike.



These photographs, born from the collaboration between a skilled photographer and an iconic actress, became timeless snapshots that transcended the trends of the late ’90s. Mark Seliger’s lens captured not only Angelina Jolie’s physical beauty but also hinted at the depth and complexity that have defined her career. The images from 1999 remain a poignant representation of an era and an artist, frozen in time through the artful eye of one of the industry’s most celebrated photographers.




r/angelinajolie - Mark Seliger Photoshoot 1999r/angelinajolie - Mark Seliger Photoshoot 1999Image


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