Dwayne Johnson Surprises L.A. Celebrity Tour Bus as It Stops Beside His Car: ‘I’m Like a Big Kid’


“This kind of stuff is some of the best parts of fame” the actor said on Instagram Wednesday

Dwayne Johnson Tour bus surprises
Dwayne Johnson sweetly surprises fans on an LA tour bus . PHOTO: DWAYNE JOHNSON INSTAGRAM

Dwayne Johnson is certainly full of surprises!

The actor, 51, spotted a group of tourists who appeared to be taking a tour of movie star homes in the area in Los Angeles — and decided to give them a real-life experience with a celebrity, which he then shared on Instagram Wednesday.

In the clip — which was filmed from inside the actor’s car — the tour bus pulled up alongside Johnson’s car as he happily greeted the cheering passengers.

“How are you guys doing? Are you guys doing good?” he asked the group, before joking about them visiting his own property. “Did you guys go to my house yet?” he asked, and when a few people responded that they hadn’t, the actor jokingly said: “OK, good, keep it that way!” and told the group to “have fun!”

Spotting that some passengers wanted to take his photo, Johnson then agreed to pose for snaps for the tourists, even encouraging the bus driver to reverse in order for the passengers to get better shots and joking that they should “get my big head in” their photos.

After the excited group had taken some photos, the actor drove away and began to speak to the camera.

“That was fun, the kind of stuff is some of the best parts of fame right there. Making their day,” he said, and added with a laugh, “And free s—-, getting free s—-.”

Dwayne Johnson Tour bus surprises

Johnson shared that interacting with fans is one of the best parts of fame.


“Tour bus surprises 🚌🙀” the Black Adam wrote in the caption for the feel-good footage.

“I’m like a big kid, I get so much joy outta these “holy s—” moments and seeing my people’s faces 😂🤳🏾” he continued, adding that seeing him around might be becoming a part of the L.A. tours.

“Not too many pick up trucks rollin’ around my hood so I think “look out for t he rocks pick up” is becoming part of these tour bus attractions 🛻 🤣” he wrote, before writing out a jokey transcript of the conversation with the tour group about visiting his home.


“Happy folks. Love to see it. #bestpartsoffame 🤙🏾 #hoodrollin 🛻” the caption concluded.

His Wednesday post wasn’t the first time Johnson has shared heartwarming interactions with tour bus fans.

In 2021, the actor posted a similar video on his Instagram page that showed him surprising a group on an L.A. bus tour.

“Hey you guys know where I can find The Rock? 🛻😂 Love pullin’ up in my pick up truck beside all these tour buses that tour my neighborhood and surprising the heck outta people!!! One of the cool parts of fame & my job ~ makin’ a few folks happy. #pickuptruckrollin #saturdayvibes #myhood,” he captioned the sweet video.

The retired wrestler has showed off his kindness plenty of times in the past. In October 2022, he was passed a fan’s baby daughter called Luciana during a Black Adam event, and went on to introduce the infant to the audience, saying, “Mexico, I want to introduce you to someone very special — our biggest fan, Luciana.”

Back in March 2016, Johnson also showed off his caring side when he unexpectedly made a fan’s day by visiting his bedside during a stay at a Georgia hospital.

But it’s not only fans who get to share in Johnson’s warm character. He is also a doting dad to three lucky daughters: Simone Johnson, 22, whom he shares with ex-wife Dany Garcia, as well as Jasmine Johnson, 7, and Tiana Johnson, 5, whom he shares with his wife, Lauren Hashian.

And the actor has never been shy about celebrating fatherhood and sharing sweet “daddy-daughter bonding” moments.

Dwayne Johnson surprises celebrity bus tour in Los Angeles: 'Did you guys  go to my house yet?'

In 2021, he opened up about raising daughters to PEOPLE and said that it has helped him be “more tender and gentle,” adding that he and his wife are raising his two younger daughters in “an environment and a culture where there are no limits to life.”


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