Cardinal of the North 1 Rare Genetic Condition , Stunning New Look



The anomaly this bird has is called ‘bilateral gynandromorphism’, which makes half of the bird’s body male and the other half female, making for a stunning appearance. The bird possessing this anomaly is a half-vermillion, half-turtledove cardinal.

General Information about the Northern Cardinal- Cardinalis cardinalis |
The condition is thought to result from an imbalanced distribution of sex chromosomes in the bird’s early embryonic development.

The Los Angeles Cardinal — Los Angeles Audubon Society
Photo Courtesy of Inland Bird Banding Association

Ginandromorphs sometimes have both male and female genitals and are more often than not sterile. They are also very rare but far from impossible to find. Th is phenomenon occurs in birds, insects, and crustaceans.


BioFiles - Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)
This is probably a condition that occurs in many species, but not all species have such clear distinctions between the male animal and female animal that is easy to spot.

Cardinals are the most well-known sexually dimorphic birds in North America, so the anomaly is immediately noticeable. What then makes these species so fascinating? Most animals affected by gynandromorphism are sterile, but this specimen may not be because the left side (where the ovary is located in birds) is female.

All about the Northern cardinal, NC's official state bird - AVLtoday

In profile, it looks like any other bird, but if you look at it from the front, you will see what nature is capable of.


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