Kevin de Bruyne gets a kiss from stunning Wag as Man City legend and ‘best player in the world’ enjoys ‘recovery after injury’ break ‎


Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne kissed his beautiful dog on vacation.

Both the footballer and his wife Michele Lacroix enjoyed the sun at Saint-Tropez.

Kevin De Bruyne got a kiss off his wife

His wife kissed Kevin De Bruyne.

Michele Lacroix enjoyed a holiday with the Man City star

Michele Lacroix vacationed with Man City’s star.


The couple got together in 2014

This pair met in 2014.

Michele celebrated with her husband as City won the Treble

City won the Treble, and Michele and her husband celebrated.

After helping Man City win the Treble, De Bruyne drank a drink in a black suit and sandals.


As usual, Michele sparkled with a brown top and blue hat.


She kissed the player’s cheek as they took photos at a celebration.


De Bruyne married his wife in 2017 after dating since 2014.

Their children are Mason, 7, Rome, 4, and Suri, 2.



Michele stunneԀ in a tight dress as her husband won the Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League.


After leading City to victory, Burnley manager and De Bruyne’s former club and national teammate Vincent Kompany called him the “best player in the world”.


He told Sky Bet’s The Overlap: “They asked me where Kevin De Bruyne and Eden Hazard were at their best – who was the better player?”After receiving a blueprint from Pep [Guardiola], De Bruyne visualizes the play before receiving the ball.


“Nobody can play like him because he sees the picture in his head and doesn’t have to open his eyes.


“Anything simple, because he does it so well, he does it better than anyone else.”


Michele Lacroix married Kevin De Bruyne in 2017

Kevin De Bruyne married Michele Lacroix in 2017.

They have three children


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