Explore Haaland’s idyllic ‘paradise’ in Bryne


The Sun recently published an interesting article about Bryne, the town associated with the childhood of striker Erling Haaland. Despite being able to enjoy the luxury of being a millionaire, Haaland still enjoys experiencing the atmosphere in Bryne as heaven in his eyes.

Haaland was born on July 21, 2000 in Leeds (England). At that time, his father, Alfie Haaland, was playing for Leeds United. It wasn’t until 2004 that Haaland moved to Bryne, the hometown of his parents.

Haaland when he was a kid
Haaland when he was a kid

Haaland joined the local club Bryne when he was 5 years old and 10 years later he was promoted to the first team. At 16, the former Dortmund striker moved to Molde, a team participating in the Norwegian league. According to former teammate who is still playing for Bryne, Robert Undheim, from a young age Haaland has shown the gift of a great talent. At that time, Haaland was not as tall as now, but proved to be very smart and agile.

Haaland is a farmer in the field
Haaland is a farmer in the field

Another defender of Bryne, Sondre Norheim, commented on Haaland as follows: “Haaland always trains and plays against seniors who are bigger than him. However, he has no difficulty because he has the ability to run, position and touch the ball very well.”

As the son of a player who once played for Man City, Haaland is very simple. In addition to training time at the club, he often plays football with friends on the artificial turf field in the village. This is a free playground for children in Bryne. It can shield the strong winds in the coastal town of Bryne, but cannot keep the player warm. According to Bryne’s chief executive officer, Hans-Oyvind Sagen, Haaland and friends still call this artificial courtyard “the refrigerator” because it is colder inside than outside.

Woodworking is Haaland's  favorite job
Woodworking is Haaland’s favorite job



In Bryne, Haaland, his uncle Gabriel Hoyland was a farmer who raised pigs, cows, and potatoes. When he’s not playing football, he enjoys driving plows, tending livestock, and manufacturing carpentry. Later, when he became a famous player, Haaland instead of going to luxury resorts for summer vacation often returned to his hometown to experience a simple but meaningful life.

Haaland is not afraid to take care of cows
Haaland is not afraid to take care of cows

According to the Norwegian youth team coach Gunnar Halle, Haaland was quite small at the age of 15 or 16, but at the age of 17 he suddenly grew up as fast as blowing. Because of going through a small period, Haaland has forged for herself skills to help her deal with physical as well as physical disadvantages. Until becoming a “giant”, those values ​​are not lost and that makes Haaland more dangerous.

Haaland loves going to Chinese restaurants
Haaland loves going to Chinese restaurants

Haaland is very much loved by the people of Bryne because he lives in harmony with everyone and does not show a “star” attitude. Whenever he returns to his hometown, the player born in 2000 often eats at a Chinese restaurant that specializes in serving delicious and cheap food owned by Ms. Hui Zhu Wang.

Haaland's stature was not outstanding before
Haaland’s stature was not outstanding before

He once gave Hui Zhu Wang a signed Dortmund shirt and promised to do the same with the Man City shirt. In Bryne, Haaland doesn’t have crazed fans who greet him with suffocating noise. It is because the people in his hometown give Haaland a sense of idyllic and familiarity that the new Man City rookie sees Bryne as a paradise.

Haaland drinks water with friends
Haaland drinks water with friends



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