Extremely rare white alligator in the park in Florida


Visitors to Gatorland Park (Florida, USA) will be impressed with the rare white crocodile. The unique look of this animal is hard to find elsewhere.

Crocodiles are considered “modern dinosaurs” that have existed for hundreds of millions of years. Anyone who admires crocodiles feels both fear and curiosity. You can come across many species of crocodiles of different sizes, but the white alligator in the US is not for everyone to have the opportunity to see with their own eyes.

Thế giới động vật: Vườn thú Mỹ chào đón 2 cá sấu bạch tạng ra đời

There are two reasons why alligators look white. One is albinism, the other is caused by leucism, a disease that causes animals to lack some pigment cells, resulting in an unusual skin color. Leucism is much rarer than the albino white crocodile, with an estimated 12 individuals in the world.

The blue-eyed “leucism” crocodile is an extremely rare individual among the white crocodiles. Photo: Fotosbichos.
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The blue-eyed “leucism” crocodile is an extremely rare individual among the white crocodiles. Photo: Fotosbichos.

Gatorl and Park in Florida, USA, is a rare place where visitors can see both rare white alligators. Featured are Ferris Zombi and Trezo Je, 2 out of 12 “leucism” white crocodiles in the world being cared for here. The special thing is that both of these crocodiles have blue eyes, different from the rest.


Cá sấu bạch tạng

White crocodiles are difficult to survive in the natural environment due to their sensitive skin to sunlight. Moreover, the prominent skin color makes it difficult for crocodiles to face predators and hunt for prey.

Therefore, white crocodiles are usually only found in captivity. This helps them survive, and humans also have the opportunity to study and admire this beauty.

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Pearl, the albino alligator at Gatorland Orlando. Photo: Narcity.

The most famous on social media is Pearl, one of the albino crocodiles being cared for in the park. The video about Pearl was shared widely on YouTube and brought many tourists from all over the world.To visit Gatorland Orlando, visitors will have to spend $ 29.99 to buy entrance tickets, admire white crocodiles and many other rare wildlife species.


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