Fashion in the movie: The colors of the underworld of Assassin John Wick 3


Released in 2014, the film about the assassin John Wick, played by Keanu Reeves, quickly created an attractive movie franchise. In addition to impressive action scenes, director Chad Stahelski’s series also makes viewers excited by how to build a layer about an underworld as well as create impressive images of assassins. While blockbuster John Wick: Chapter 3

The John Wick project, released in 2014, marked the return of actor Keanu Reeves after an eventful period. Still a strong action movie genre, but Keanu’s role as the killer John Wick this time has caused a remarkable resonance compared to other films in his “post-Matrix” period. With an average budget and a not-so-new revenge pattern, the work of director Chad Stahelski and screenwriter Derek Kolstad is considered a success beyond expectations, when it has brought a breath of fresh air. as well as creating more refined standards for the action film genre, which was becoming more saturated at the time.

john wick 3 elle 12
Poster phim John Wick – Chapter 3: Parabellum
ảnh: Lionsgate

The attraction of the John Wick Assassin franchise comes from the decisive action scenes, along with creative angles and long shots, helping to bring a sense of authenticity and suffocation to the audience, as well as the constructions. Extremely detailed construction of an underground world of powerful black organizations.

Besides the separate ranks and rules as well as the unique services for assassins, the costumes of the characters are also an indispensable color in the picture of the world. underground in John Wick.

Fashion in John Wick is an extremely interesting highlight of the series, it helps create an aristocratic setting with a luxurious and elegant but extremely dangerous look. There, every character exudes their own personality from their typical costumes. Chapter 3 in the story of the assassin John Wick – Parabellum – continues to maintain that spirit, and even the fashion in this part 3 is clearly and fresh with new characters.


1. Assassin John Wick with custom suits

john wick 3 elle 15
All the suits of assassin John Wick on the film are tailor-made to create the most comfort for the action scenes
: Warner Bros.

From the very beginning, the audience was impressed with the picture of the assassin John Wick – the main character of the film – through the way that other characters talked about him, typically the boss Vigor in the first part: ” He’s not the Boggart, he’s the one sent to kill the Boggart”, “I saw him kill three people in a bar with a pencil.”

Besides the excellent performance, from the acting to the eye-catching action scenes, by Keanu Reeves, the person of Mr. Wick is also portrayed through his costumes. As revealed by the film crew, wearing office clothes such as minimalist suits with white shirts or turtlenecks shows dedication to John Wick’s “work”.

In addition, Lucas Mosca – the film’s costume designer – also added that the monochrome in John’s costume design shows the suffering and stalemate of a man who has lost everything. 

“The tragedy left John’s story with no room for other colors,” Mosca said.


john wick 3 elle 22
Two fashion styles “work” of John Wick


john wick 3 elle 23
Meanwhile, the custom-made all-black suit will usually be Mr. Wick dressed in the most bloody moments
photo: Niko Tavernis

However, the danger of the assassin John Wick is shown most clearly when Mr. Wick put on an elegant all-black suit. If you have watched John Wick part 2, you must have been impressed by the scene where John went to order two suits at the underground sewing factory, to prepare for the mission in Rome. Perhaps few people know that the tailor Angelo character appears in the scene played by… Lucas Mosca – who is in charge of producing the suits for the John Wick project in real life.

According to the designer, the John Wick assassin’s combat suit was inspired by pistols: minimalist, neat and dangerous. Classic Italian-made, two-button suit, tapered trousers, basic Derby leather boots and silicon carbide combat lining, “sewn between the layers of fabric like a body-hugging suit of armor and not entangled.”


john wick 3 elle 16
The combat suit is sewn in Italian style with a neat form and Minimalist overall with a jet black color
Photo: Niko Tavernis

With a minimalist style, the overall black suit highlights the elegant style of Mr. Wick as well as the death of the assassin named “Baba Yaga”. There are not too many changes in John’s costume throughout the three films. The highlight of assassin John Wick’s suit comes from a glossy fabric shirt with a raised collar, to honor the actor Keanu Reeves and the watch of the high-end Swiss brand – Carl F. Bucherer .


john wick 3 elle 21
Two things always accompany assassin John Wick: the Pitbull dog and the Carl F. Bucherer Manero AutoDate watch

2. Fuck Sofia and the unique beauty from Morocco

john wick 3 elle 13
Sofia (Halle Berry) appeared in a Casablanca-style outfit and exuded a bit of Bohemian style
Photo: Niko Tavernis

Playing the role of Sofia – a former assassin of John Wick, actress Halle Berry did not need to take too long to impress the audience, with a cool “debut” performance, adorned with a thin silk dress. embellished with iridescent gold motifs and embellished with pure gold accessories.


Set mainly in Casablanca, Morocco – a city dubbed “more beautiful than the movie” – Sofia’s costume is inspired by Casablanca’s own seductive beauty through texture designs and a little The break in the cuts, blended with the luxury of Islam, comes from pure gold accessories such as belts and necklaces with a slightly bohemian design.



john wick 3 elle 7
The black and gold tones and leather details highlight the strong aura of the Casablanca region’s “woman”
Photo: Niko Tavernis

Sofia’s combat outfit is equally impressive with the main black tone, accented with a few leather details on the shoulders. This outfit features 2 lines of yellow textures spread along both sides of the body, with a design that is slightly in the direction of python skin texture. Besides, the tight leather pants and high-heeled boots are like a perfect peg for the “cool”, hot but no less luxurious, true to the personality and position of the “Casablanca woman”. In the movie.



john wick 3 elle 14
Close-up of Sofia’s combat outfit
Photo: Mark Rogers/Summit Entertainment


john wick 3 elle 11
Halle Berry’s Sofia is super cool but still sexy
Photo: IMDb

3. Danger from the dark side of “The Judge”

john wick 3 elle 10
The chilling spirit of The Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon)
Photo: Lionsgate

“The Adjudicator” – roughly translated as Judge – is a new character in part 3 of the John Wick assassin series. If Halle Berry’s Sofia impresses with her powerful charm, with the performance of Asia Kate Dillon, the character of The Adjudicator brings a sense of mystery, full of fear through her cold and powerful aura. messenger of the Supreme Council among assassins.



john wick 3 elle 4
The all-black vintage layer set further emphasizes the danger of this character
Photo: Lionsgate

Despite being the one sent to enforce the rules of the underworld, The Adjudicator is the character with the most costume changes in the movie. This character first appeared at the Continental Hotel with an all-black suit mixed in a vintage layer style with a suit, oversized coat and black leather boots. Overall, all black continues to accompany the Judge in the scene facing the “Beggar King” – The Bowery King. In this scene, The Adjudicator wears a jet-black trench coat with a stylized belt, black leather items such as gloves, pants and boots are the finishing touches to create an air could be more perfect for the deadly messenger that no one wanted to face.


john wick 3 elle 6
Super cool all-black outfit including trench coat black, big belt with stylized pattern, leather pants, boots and leather gloves
Photo: Inverse

Designer Lucas Mosca shared that working with a gender-neutral actress like Asia Kate Dillon gave him a lot of ideas to bring fashion changes into a world of stress and tension. rules of assassin John Wick.


In the second half of the film, we saw another impressive mix of The Adjudicator, still leather pants, turtleneck boots and a jet-black oversize coat, the highlight of this outfit comes from the design. The design has a silver-gray kimono style with a large belt with gold motifs, highlighting the nobility of a powerful figure. The highlight of the fashion style throughout the film of The Adjudicator comes from a jet-black umbrella and a gold earring worn on the left ear.



john wick 3 elle 9
The highlight comes from the silver kimono design in another extremely impressive outfit of “The Judge”
Photo: Lionsgate

john wick 3 elle 1
photo: Lionsgate

4. The powerful elegance of tycoon Winston

john wick 3 elle 17
The tycoon vibes from Ian McShane’s Winston character
Photo: Studio Canal

The owner of the Continental Hotel in New York remains faithful to the style of an English gentleman, with classic suits in navy or ash gray colors and white shirts. Besides, the tycoon played by Ian McShane, also subtly shows his break with the shirt collar is pulled up a bit, combined with a paisley patterned turban design. Winston’s outfit is located in a pocket square with Paisley motifs but has quite prominent colors.

john wick 3 elle 24
Winston’s suits are always very distinctive thanks to the high-rise shirt collar with turban and paisley-patterned pocket square
Photo: Summit Entertainment

Hardcore fans of the killer John Wick franchise will be able to spot the similarities between Winston’s suit and human. An old character, always keeping calm and aristocratic but always has calculations in mind.


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