Frustrated with a glowing UFO hovering on the beach and then suddenly disappearing

UFO hình tam giác phát sáng bị phát hiện lơ lửng trên bờ biển Anh.
TPO – 36-year-old Matthew Evans managed to snap just four photos of what he believes to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) hovering over the British coast before it suddenly disappeared. Matthew said, the triangular, glowing UFO moved up and down very slowly before suddenly disappearing for 10 seconds.
Ngã ngửa sự thật chiếc UFO xuất hiện trên bầu trời Mỹ

According to the Daily Star, Matthew was shocked to see a very large UFO hovering over the Devon coast.

This object hovers, slightly up and down in the air before darting away and then disappearing as fast as lightning for 10 seconds.


Matthew discovered it by chance while looking out at the sea from the top floor window of his house last week.


He quickly took out his phone to take a photo, but only took 4 photos, then the UFO disappeared.

Vật thể lạ lơ lửng trên biển được chụp lại ở Anh - Công nghệ
The UFO hovered over the British coast and then disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In the image, 4 dazzling points of light arranged in a triangle appear in the night sky.

“I see it very clearly. My window has a great view of the sea. Initially, it moved extremely slowly and up and down a bit and then hovered for about 10 seconds. Then it quickly flew away and I couldn’t see it anymore,” Matthew shared.



Matthew posted the photos he took on social networks and attracted the attention and comments of many people. Some believe this is proof that aliens have visited Earth and suggest an investigation into this possibility.

Matthew’s glowing UFO “encounter” comes just two weeks after the Pentagon released a long-awaited report regarding “unidentified flying objects” or UFOs on June 25. past.

The US Department of Defense website published the above report, which stated that 143 of 144 reports of “encounters” with UFOs since 2004 are still “out of the US government’s explanation”. and does not rule out the possibility that aliens really exist.

Astronomer says declassified UFO reports will open way for scientific  discovery - ABC News

Information about UFOs for decades has always attracted the attention of public opinion and the US military. From 1947-1969, the US Air Force deployed the “Project Blue Book” and other programs to track UFO reports and try to interpret them. In 2020, the Pentagon also attracted public attention when it released 3 videos recorded by US Navy pilots when they “encountered” UFOs while on duty.



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