On the field is a football legend, at home Messi is a great father with a way of teaching his children


In his style of educating his children, Messi does not put pressure on his children, but always wants them to do everything according to what they like.

Lionel Messi is an Argentine football star. At the age of 35, the male player is considered a living legend of the football village with many prestigious awards such as the Golden Ball, the European Golden Shoe…

Not only is a great player on the football field, but Messi is also known as the “national” father. All of that is proven by Messi in his own style of educating his children. Despite owning a huge fortune, Messi does not pamper his children. In contrast, the children of the Argentine superstar grew up with a very normal life like many other children. Because for male players, teaching children is simply “waking up with them every morning”.

Currently, Messi has 3 sons with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, respectively Thiago, Mateo and Ciro. The 3 boys each have their own personality, the oldest Thiago is quiet and quiet, the two Mateo are funny and witty and the youngest Ciro is extremely cute.

On the field is a football legend, at home Messi is a great father with a different way of teaching his children than rival Ronaldo - Photo 1.

Messi with 3 sons

Make time for family

No need to think to know how busy Messi is with his peak “ball cake” career. And normally, such busy people, if they go home, will also take time to relax and rest. However, Messi did not do that. Despite the intensity of training and intense competition, the 35-year-old father always tries to spend his free time with his small family. When asked by a reporter for an Argentine newspaper, “What is family to you?” , Messi had an extremely emotional answer:

“Family to me is everything, everything. I am very fortunate to be able to spend a lot of time with my family. There are families where parents have to work all day and don’t come home until evening. My parents used to work so hard, so I didn’t get to play with them much.


Currently, I am fortunate to spend time with my children almost all day, being able to take them to school, take them to soccer or other activities. I love spending time with my little family.”

On the field is a football legend, at home Messi is a great father with a different way of teaching his children than rival Ronaldo - Photo 2.

Messi always spends time with his family

Every morning, instead of waking up late, Messi wakes up very early to play with his children and have breakfast with them. The football superstar shared, although many times the children were so mischievous that he had to go crazy, he still felt happy and grateful for that. He always took the children to school and then came at night to coax his little angels to sleep. And he insists: “I love doing it every day!”.

Don’t put pressure on your child

If Ronaldo – Messi’s rival, taught his children to be extremely strict with a strict training regime, Messi let him develop instinctively, not wanting to put pressure on him. Accordingly, Messi always wants his children to develop the inherent abilities of a child.


“Child Thiago loves to shoot the ball. But the truth is that he is too young. He prefers riding in a carriage and swinging than playing football right now. He will choose what he wants,” Messi said .

Although he knows that his son has the same football talent as his father, the male player still does not set a framework, only creating the best conditions for him to develop his talent. Therefore, we will not seem to see intense training sessions or rarely run football on the field with our children, but Messi always follows the development of children. Letting children enjoy playing fun games such as puzzles, racing, or participating in soft skills courses is still the core point of this football star’s way of teaching children.

On the field is a football legend, at home Messi is a great father with a different way of teaching his children than rival Ronaldo - Photo 3.

On social networks, fans also rarely find pictures of Messi’s training with children. Instead, there are pictures of him traveling with his family, or his children playing fun children’s games.

On the field is a football legend, at home Messi is a great father with a different way of teaching his children than rival Ronaldo - Photo 4.

On the other hand, since childhood, Messi has suffered from rickets and this superstar should have given his children harsh training from an early age to improve his fitness, but he did not. Messi always protects and pampers his children. Perhaps because Messi’s father also raised him in this way, Messi also wants to spend time taking care of his children, letting them develop instinctively.

Teach your children about core values

In an interview with Argentina La Garganta Poderosa, Messi expressed that education is the foundation of everything. Indeed, he always appreciates education and the role of parents in raising children. Especially in how to teach children about a thrifty, minimalist lifestyle.

The soccer star said he tries to make his three sons understand that they cannot take a life of abundance for granted. In fact, Messi always tries to teach his children to understand the value of everything so that they understand that they will have to work for money every day and do not think that they are lucky to be able to have many things easily.

On the field is a football legend, at home Messi is a great father with a different way of teaching his children than rival Ronaldo - Photo 5.

Messi always appreciates education and the role of parents in educating their children

In particular, in an opening about family life in an interview with an Argentinian journalist, the 35-year-old soccer star confessed: “Between me and my wife, I am more strict with my children.”

It is known that Messi’s wife is a calm person, she spends the most time with her children because he often has to be away from home to go to play. However, the children are still more afraid of Messi every time he scolds them.


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