Giant black leopard suddenly appeared in the English countryside

A black leopard has been spotted in a village in North Wales, this is one of the few times people here have seen the strange creature in this area.
A giant black leopard suddenly appeared in the English countryside - Photo 1.

A large black panther spotted in Frodsham, North Wales

Reports say a very large black panther was first sighted in the area on April 9. It then appeared a few more times. However, recently, the number of people seeing this leopard across the UK has been increasing.

Daniel, a witness who saw the leopard on Tarvin Road in Frodsham one night, described it: “It was black or dark grey.” A report sent to Puma Watch said: “At a distance of 100m I saw an animal at least four feet tall. I stopped to take a closer look, but my stopping seemed to make it alert, it ran back into the jungle behind the slope. Its gait was very cat-like because I own a cat myself, it ran about 50 meters in just 5 to 10 seconds.”

A giant black panther suddenly appeared in the English countryside - Photo 2.

Tony Jones believes that Cheshire is becoming a hotspot for black panthers

On a lawn in Cheshire, Bebbington and his wife Wendy discovered a dead chicken in the middle of a field, and these two immediately opened the phone camera to record the unusual incident. The footage shows a mysterious black animal carrying another chicken in its mouth. Just 3 seconds, it disappeared behind the bushes. He added: “I was intrigued by the size of this animal as well as the way it moved – slow but disappearing very suddenly and quickly. I thought that whatever it was, it was a thing. creatures that eat poultry.”


A giant black leopard suddenly appeared in the English countryside - Photo 3.

One person said this creature runs very fast and lives in the forest

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Tony Jones, founder of Puma Watch Wales, said: “Cheshire is becoming a hotbed for large leopards. He recently created an interactive map using Open Street Maps to track reported leopards in north Wales, Cheshire and Shropshire. He added: “There have also been numerous sightings of the unusually large animal in Chester in recent months. Cheshire Police have announced that they are investigating whether this predator was the cause of a series of incidents. kill sheep or not.”

The mysterious animals are mainly found in Snowdonia and the Clwydian hills, however there are increasing reports of sightings at closer and more frequent locations. This means that people’s lives are somewhat threatened.


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