Giant crocodile eats antelope in the river of death


The moment a giant crocodile bites an antelope on a stretch of the Kenya River caught the eye of a photographer.


A predatory alligator performs a lightning strike as a herd of antelope crosses a river in Kenya, Longroom reported yesterday. 

Photographer Clifford Knight captured the scene of Thompson’s antelope lying completely in the sharp teeth of a crocodile. 

“I noticed a family of three Thompson’s antelopes by the river. They bent down to drink with concern. A female antelope decided to cross the river and bravely led the way,” Knight said. 


According to the photographer, when reaching deeper water, the female antelope saw the giant crocodile rushing through the water towards it. It frantically jumped back and forth, struggling to find a way to wade against the current to climb up to the shore to find a way to escape. 

Although the female antelope kept her life at the last minute, the male following her across the river of death was not so lucky. It ran in the right direction of the crocodile and had no way to escape when it came right in front of the mouth of the fierce predator. 

“I felt my heart clench when I heard the antelope’s panicked cry and the sound of its bones breaking in the crocodile’s jaws, and especially it seemed to be looking directly at me begging for help. Death came. with it quickly and ruthlessly,” Knight shared. 

“The whole scene happened and ended within 15 minutes, making my heart heavy for the rest of the day,” Knight said. 


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