Haaland is suspiciously close to Real Madrid stars


Striker Erling Haaland proved to be very open and close to Real Madrid’s stars after the referee’s whistle ended the match.


Man City played a game full of effort at the Bernabeu. Kevin De Bruyne’s goal helped The Citizens get 1 point before playing the second leg at home.

In this match, Erling Haaland was completely blocked by Real Madrid’s central defenders David Alaba and Antonio Rudiger. The Norwegian had a number of chances to finish but was in an uncomfortable position that resulted in a dead end.

Haaland shook hands with Vinicius.  Photo: Getty
Haaland shook hands with Vinicius. Pho to: Getty

Notably, after the match Haaland shook hands with the stars of the Royal team and proved to be quite close. The players had nice words for each other, to mention some prominent names such as Vinicius, Thibaut Courtois, Alaba and Rudiger.

Previously, Haaland was involved in rumors of a move to Real Madrid. However, he chose Man City and spent a sublime season in the Premier League.


Haaland talks to Vinicius.  Photo: Getty
Haaland talks to Vinicius. Photo: Getty

This player is very hungry to score against Real Madrid, not only to help the home team win but also to improve his personal achievements in the European arena. This season, Haaland has scored 12 goals in 9 matches and is facing the opportunity to win the top scorer with a distance of 5 goals more than the person who is behind and still playing in the Semi-finals is Vinicius.

Haaland and Alaba, two people who have faced each other in the Bundesliga.  Photo: Getty
Haaland and Alaba, two people who have faced each other in the Bundesliga. Photo: Getty
Haaland and Rudiger.  Photo: Getty
Haaland and Rudiger. Photo: Getty
Haaland and Courtois.  Photo: Getty
Haaland and Courtois. Photo: Getty
Haaland and put Courtois on the shoulder.  Photo: Getty
Haaland and put Courtois on the shoulder. Photo: Getty

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