Hackers attack NASA, detect UFO fleet near the Sun?


Haramein suggested that these spacecraft used the Sun as the “spot” of the black hole to visit our Solar System. And it’s not just a spaceship, it’s a complete fleet…

Hello friends, welcome to explore the unsolved mysteries with us. Today we will talk about UFOs.

Hackers attacked NASA, detected what?

In February 2001, in a small apartment in London, England, hacker Gary McKinnon was amazed at what he found. At that time, he was quietly accessing the US military networks across the ocean under the name “Solo”. Over the next 13 months, McKinnon successfully hacked dozens of US military computers, as well as 16 NASA computers. This incident has been dubbed “the largest military computer hack in history”.

So what did McKinnon discover? First of all, let me explain that contemporary McKinnon claimed that the intrusion was not malicious. As a UFO fan, he just wanted to see the secret information in that legend. And he did indeed find something unbelievable in the NASA system’s computer.

In February 2001, in a small apartment in London, England, hacker Gary McKinnon was amazed at what he found.

In a 2006 interview, McKinnon said that a NASA photography expert once mentioned that in Floor 8 at Johnson Space Center, they regularly screen high-resolution satellite images for images. image of unidentified flying object UFO. He then went into the NASA department’s network and found a large number of high-definition original image files in a folder. McKinnon accidentally clicked on one of them and saw a silver cigar-shaped object with a smooth surface, without seams or studs, that looked like it had been taken from a satellite.

In addition, he also found an Excel file called “non-terrestrial Officer”, which details the rank and title of each officer, in the public document. These names could not be found. We’ve also featured CIA members from extraterrestrials in a previous episode, and this list seems to be proof of that. And another Excel file with a bunch of space ships. The document is titled “material transfer between ships”, although the names of the ships are also not included in the public documents. However, in English, UFOs can also be referred to as “ships”.

Testimonies of astronauts

Although the computer was found hacked by British police, McKinnon was unable to release the documents he viewed. However, a lot of people chose to trust him, because he wasn’t the first to say it. Karl Wolfe, who served with Langley Air Force, USA, has seen even more shocking photos.

Wolfe does mechanical maintenance. He said that once by chance, he received a high-class passport, entered a dark chamber, where photographs of the Moon were processed. The pictures were taken by a camera placed close to the Moon’s orbit. A technician inside told him, “we found an alien base on the back of the moon”. Then he pulled out a processed photo, showing the shape of a base, complete with geometry, with multiple tower houses, a spherical building, and even something similar. Similar to radar, the volume is all very huge.

Wolfe’s remarks were made during a May 2001 press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. Twenty retired U.S. Air Force officials, the Federal Aviation Administration, and state intelligence officials newspaper testified.

The press conference was hosted by UFO legend, Dr. Steven Macon Greer. Greer founded the Center for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) in 1990, and to date, the research center has collected more than 3,000 UFO reports and over 4,000 eyewitness accounts.

The most important witness is the sixth man to walk on the Moon, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell. Mitchell is one of the few astronauts to openly express belief in the existence of UFOs.

In our previous column, we covered the Roswell UFO crash at Area 51, which directly led to the rise of the modern UFO craze. In an interview with Fox News on July 25, 2008, Mitchell stated that it was true th at the Roswell incident involved an alien spacecraft. And he also received an endorsement from an intelligence officer working at the Pentagon.


The testimony of another witness, retired US Air Force Colonel Ross Dedrickson, was even more astounding. Apollo 13 made its third attempt to land on the Moon on April 11, 1970, but was forced to abort the mission two days later due to malfunctioning oxygen tanks in the serving module. The astronauts flew the spacecraft around the Moon until it returned safely to Earth on April 17. Derrickson revealed that the Apollo spacecraft was accompanied by a UFO on the way back. The US Air Force used to have a nuclear bomb program on the Moon, intending to detonate a nuclear bomb on the Moon for scientific research, now declassified information of the Air Force has also confirmed the existence of a nuclear bomb. this plan. Initially, the army seriously discussed and developed a plan, but then for some reason it turned yellow (postponed).

In the former Soviet Union, the famous astronaut Gagarin also claimed to have seen many UFOs during his space flight. “They really do exist, they travel at speeds that are hard to imagine,” he said.

Speaking of which, some of you might say that without pictures there is no truth. With so many testimonies as things, where is the proof? The following is a true image from NASA’s space map.


Huge swarm of flying saucers near the Sun

In 1995, NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) jointly developed and launched the Solar and Atmospheric Observatory (SOHO), operating in space at a distance of 1.5 million km from Earth, continuously. Take pictures and record the activity of the Sun. Since 2009, a number of unusual phenomena appear one after another in the photos taken.

Around January 18, 2010, a huge swarm of UFOs appeared in the footage. According to one observer, they “appear to be moving” because they are all in different positions on many of the NASA images. The size of these flying objects is unbelievably large, almost the size of the Earth. If these UFOs were some larger asteroid or comet, they would have been sucked into the Sun by the strong gravitational pull of the Sun, and they could not have wandered near the Sun.

Quantum physicist Nassim Haramein analyzed these UFOs from a quantum physics perspective after obtaining raw NASA photos and videos. He points out that, first of all, these flying objects still maintain motion, but they don’t have long tails, so they’re definitely not comets, but rather giant spacecraft. Can you cross time? Scientists believe that there is a powerful gravitational field inside the star, taking advantage of this gravitational field can completely create a “wormhole” to travel between planets. Therefore, Haramein thinks that these spacecraft have used the Sun as the “spot” of the black hole to visit our Solar System. And it’s not just a spaceship, but a complete fleet.

In 2011, NASA also photographed a UFO larger than Mars. In the years that followed, this cube-like square UFO was repeatedly recorded turning back and forth around the Sun. In this August 2016 photo, this square object is very clear, from the image it looks like it is sucking energy from the Sun, and even more amazingly in August 2017, this UFO actually stopped. back on the Sun. As a result, some analysts believe that the Sun is rich in helium-3, and that helium-3 can be converted to fuel, so the Sun could be their powering station.

In September 2018, all seven observatories around the world observing the Sun were suddenly closed for more than ten days. At the same time, Maria G. Hill, an astronomer from Indiana, USA, repeatedly photographed what appeared to be a large disk-shaped UFO at the edge of the Sun, accompanied by many small UFOs. Hill even started broadcasting live on Facebook, attracting a lot of netizens to watch. However, what is incomprehensible is, why should the official observatory be closed?

In 2020, a famous UFO hunter Scott C Waring, announced that he had found a giant black sphere in the SOHO image, 25 times the size of the Earth, he said that it must be an alien Ship “Alien Ship” or a “space station” (Space Station).

While other UFO hunters have discovered from photographs released by NASA that an unidentified triangular object (UFO) appears to be about to leave the surface of the Sun, and on a spectral map there is a different colors, it can be seen that it actually came out of the Sun. If this is also a spaceship, what material is it made of to be able to withstand the high temperature of hundreds of thousands of degrees of the Sun, and get in and out freely?

Many anomalous phenomena have been captured, and different explanations are also flying in the sky. How does NASA explain itself? The general response of NASA is due to solar flares or other natural phenomena, please don’t think too much. But anyone can interpret this. Before the US government officially lifts the ban, NASA may not be able to say more.

But in fact, as early as the 1980s, former US President Ronald Reagan mentioned the UFO phenomenon on official occasions. In 1985, when Reagan met Gorbachev, the leader of the former Soviet Union, he reminded Mr. Gorbachev: “Humanity should pay attention to the sudden threat of certain types of creatures from other planets in the universe. ” In 1987, at Reagan’s regular session, he again said, for all nations on Earth, the most frightening thing was: “the threat of extraterrestrial war”. As one of the greatest presidents in American history, Reagan’s ideas certainly weren’t baseless, were they?

Coincidentally, in Canada, which is separated by a wall, former Defense Minister Paul Hellyer also publicly expressed his belief in the existence of UFOs and even caused a stir in public opinion. In a 2014 interview, Hellyer said that at least four species of exoplanets have visited Earth over thousands of years, most of which have come from other star systems.

So the issue of UFOs and aliens is, for now, almost a public secret.


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