Iceland’s Arctic Henge Raufarhofn: A Window Into The Mysteries Of The North


The Arctic Henge in Raufarhofn, Iceland, is a marvel of modern-day engineering and a tribute to the ancient Icelandic heritage. The structure, which is still under construction, is a circle of towering stone pillars that is similar in form to England’s famous Stonehenge. However, the Arctic Henge is far more than just a replica. It is a testament to the enduring connection between the Icelandic people and the natural world that surrounds them.

The Arctic Henge is the brainchild of the Icelandic artist and musician, Pétur H. Ármannsson. He has spent years researching and designing the structure, which he believes will be a gateway to the hidden mysteries of the North. The structure is made up of 72 stone pillars, which correspond to the 72 degrees of longitude that pass through Iceland. Each of the pillars is between two and four meters tall and weighs up to eight tons. They are arranged in a circular formation, with four entrance pillars marking the cardinal directions.

The Arctic Henge’s central stone is the largest of them all, weighing a massive 50 tons. It is called “the Heart of the Henge” and represents the connection between the heavens and the earth. The structure also includes several smaller stones, which Ármannsson refers to as “whispering stones.” These stones are arranged in a particular pattern that resonates with the acoustics of the surrounding landscape, creating a unique and otherworldly sound experience.


Ármannsson has designed the Arctic Henge to serve as a kind of sundial, aligning with the movements of the sun and the stars throughout the year. The structure is also designed to be a place of spiritual reflection and contemplation. Visitors to the Arctic Henge can experience the natural wonders of Iceland in a unique way, and connect with the ancient traditions and beliefs of the Icelandic people.

The Arctic Henge’s location in Raufarhofn is significant. It is situated on the northeastern tip of Iceland, just a stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle. The area is known for its wild and rugged natural beauty, with vast stretches of tundra and dramatic coastlines. It is a place where the forces of nature are on full display, with the midnight sun in the summer and the aurora borealis in the winter. It is a place where the modern world meets the ancient past.

the Arctic Henge in Raufarhofn is a unique and awe-inspiring tribute to Iceland’s natural and cultural heritage. It is a place where visitors can experience the mystical beauty of the North in a way that is both ancient and modern. It is a testament to the enduring connection between the Icelandic people and the land that surrounds them, and a reminder of the mysteries that still exist in the world today.


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