Interesting facts about giant birds


With a tall body, pelicans have a wingspan of up to 3m, flying up to 3,000m above the ocean currents.

Appearing in a number of Christian myths, with a prominent long beak, the pelican is one of the familiar images in the sea. But not everyone knows these interesting facts about this unique bird.

There are currently 8 species of pelicans in the world. Except for Antarctica, they are found on almost every continent, from southern Tasmania to eastern Canada. Most pelicans are used to living in the tropics, around the coast and in river and lake areas.

Interesting facts about giant birds

Pelicans can eat just about anything, be it fish, shrimp, tadpoles or even turtles! When pelicans are starving to death, they can even drown and swallow a poor albatross! This bird will use its large throat pouch to shovel water, then filter the water for prey.

Normally, birds often have difficulty catching prey at night. Pelicans are different. They feel very well aquatic creatures thanks to their long, versatile beaks. They often gather to catch prey together.

Pelicans use their wings to kick the water to pull fish and shrimp ashore, then use their beaks to shovel them up. Just skillfully flicking the lower jaw, they can close all prey. Sometimes, catching big fish, this animal also plays the game of throwing the bait high, grabbing and swallowing it deliciously.


Interesting facts about giant birds

As one of the largest birds, the weight of a pelican’s bones is astounding! The pelican skeleton makes up only a tenth of its total body weight – which is usually 14kg.
The airbag in the bone gives the pelican an amazing ability to regenerate health. While the air sacs are below the throat, the skin under the chest and under the wings helps the digestive system of this animal to work very efficiently.


In addition to helping to reduce body weight and help float on the water, the airbags also increase the force of flight by continuously stretching and stroking the feathers across the abdomen. Thanks to this, pelicans dive into the water to catch fish more easily than other birds.

Interesting facts about giant birds

When pelicans flirt with each other, they open and close their beaks in quick succession to make their throat pouches humming. They raise their beaks, and lay their bait on it.

Another cool thing about this bird is that both its beak and pouches can change color.

For example, australian pelicans can change the air sacs to bright pink, their throats to pale yellow, and the rest of their beaks to blue.

Interesting facts about giant birds

Different species of pelicans change their own colors. But it’s all very lively and magically beautiful. Pelicans of both sexes can incubate eggs (usually 1-3) by standing entirely on webbed feet.

There are many interesting things to say about birds with huge beaks. But within the framework of a small article, perhaps this much has satisfied readers’ curiosity.

Fortunately, pelicans are not rare creatures, so as long as you go to the sea, it is not difficult to comfortably watch the pelicans spread their wings.


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