Lord of the rings! Jason Stathaм, 55, shows off his RIPPED physique as he reʋeals he’s achieʋed his Ƅuff Ƅody through gyмnastic training


From a “poor bum” diver who was bitterly betrayed by his first love, Jason Statham has made constant efforts to achieve outstanding achievements, worthy of the title of a bright action actor …

When looking at Jason Statham ‘s current successful career and happy home , very few people know about his difficult and troubled past. To be as successful as he is now, the actor had to go through poor days as well as tumultuous first love.

The poor actor was betrayed by a 7 year love

Jason Statham dated his first love, beautiful Kelly Brook, for 7 years, from 1997 to 2004. The actor’s ex-lover has revealed a lot of information about the two’s love many years ago. .

Kelly first met Jason when she was filming a scene with Littlewoods and Jason was a professional diver with the British National Diving Team. Immediately, the 18-year-old girl Kelly fell in love with the 29-year-old handsome diver Jason.


Jason Statham: The poor man was punched in the face by his lover, rising to become the most powerful star in Hollywood - Photo 1.

Jason Statham and ex-girlfriend Kelly Brook

Jason drove a dilapidated blue Astra to pick up Kelly on their first date and lied that it was his brother’s car when it was his.

The pair had dinner together at a restaurant and Kelly revealed: “Jason’s actions make it clear that he has no money but Jason still tries to be as polite as possible.”

During the dating period, the couple kept their relationship secret in front of the camera because at that time Kelly’s career was at its peak. They bought a three-bedroom flat in Sydenham, south London, mostly with Kelly’s money.


Jason Statham: The poor man was punched in the face by his lover, rising to become the most powerful star in Hollywood - Photo 2.

The image of the couple when they were still “salty”

In 2001, the couple moved to LA to work, at that time Jason had just entered Hollywood and did not want to build a home with Kelly.

The ambitions of his acting career did not allow him to start a family at that time, and of course what he had was not enough to give Kelly a proper home.

In December 2002, Jason attended the wedding of singer Madonna and director Guy Ritchie of the movie “Snatch” he starred in.

Also at this wedding, Jason was punched in the face by Kelly in the presence of Gwyneth Paltrow – the fiery American singer because he “taunted” her in front of Kelly. That punch humiliated Jason to all his colleagues and guests at the party.

Jason Statham: The poor man was punched in the face by his lover, rising to become the most powerful star in Hollywood - Photo 3.

Kelly punched Jason at Madonna and director Guy Ritchie’s wedding in 2002

Since then, their relationship has deteriorated and they have argued many times. In 2004, Kelly worked with “Titanic” actor Billy Zane and completely fell for his care and attention.

During the 6 weeks of working together, Billy took her to many places and made her really happy compared to Jason’s superficiality. Kelly then returned to London, trying to talk about what had happened between her and Billy to Jason.


Kelly feels guilty and regretful, she wants Jason to forgive but the actor doesn’t want to see her. But inside he still wants to continue the relationship, the angry exterior is just a cover for Jason Statham’s bitter heart.


It was at that moment that Billy Zane went to see Kelly and took her out to Greece and Saint-Tropez, where the two were snapped while walking together. Jason saw these photos and was completely devastated, his first love of 7 years officially ended here.

Jason Statham: The poor guy was punched in the face by his lover, rising to become the most powerful star in Hollywood - Photo 4.

Kelly Brook “cuckolded” Jason to come to Titanic actor Billy Zane

Rise to become one of the most powerful A-list stars in Hollywood

After going through a painful love affair, Jason has participated in many projects to revive his spirit, one of which is the movie Crank in 2006. After that, a series of blockbusters made Jason Statham’s name. such as: The Transpoter, Fast and Furious, The Mechanic, The Meg, The Expendables,…


From a salary of 5000 pounds (about 150 million VND) in his first film Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels , Jason currently receives a salary of up to 13 million USD in the latest blockbuster Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw .

Jason always knows how to maintain his name through quality movies, advertisements or even appearances in many magazines. He owns a chain of fast food restaurants, his own clothing and perfume brand.


Jason Statham’s total assets are estimated at about 275 million USD with a series of supercars and real estate in many countries.

Despite owning a huge fortune among the richest in Hollywood, Jason Statham is not as luxurious as other actors. In addition to going to events or awards ceremonies, Jason’s favorite clothes are T-shirts, shorts and slippers.

Perhaps because of his poor past, Jason has always maintained a simple lifestyle and dress. He is one of the few actors who does not play lavishly and always spends his precious leisure time taking care of his wife and son.

Currently, the actor has built a happy home with supermodel Rosie Huntington- Whiteley, who have a lovely son.

Jason Statham: The poor man was punched in the face by his lover, rising to become the most powerful star in Hollywood - Photo 5.

Jason Statham and his hot wife Rosie Huntington – Whiteley

From a “poor bum” diver who was bitterly betrayed by his first love, Jason Statham has worked tirelessly to achieve outstanding achievements like today, worthy of being an action actor. Hollywood’s brightest.


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