‘John Wick 3’: When the law of cause and effect spares no one!


The law of cause and effect is applied in John Wick 3 to all relationships around Boggarts: from enemies to friends, old acquaintances. The death of one person can completely change the course of the war, turning friends into enemies or turning opponents into allies.

John Wick Movie Story : Chapter 3 – Parabellum continues to follow the legendary assassin nicknamed Boggart John Wick (Keanu Reeves) after breaking the law prohibiting murder in the Continental Hotel. He became the target of assassins around the world with a record reward of $ 14 million and was forced to find old acquaintances who could help him overcome the tribulation.


Still the eye-catching action party that has become a specialty of the John Wick franchise,  John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum  impresses with more creative, crazy and epic punches thanks to a huge budget. In addition to the intention to expand the past and future of Boggarts and new characters,  John Wick  third part also emphasizes the lesson of cause and effect and the story of paying the price: everyone is paying for their actions.


The most obvious is what John Wick faces after avenging the dog and the car. The Supreme Council of the assassins makes the assassin nicknamed Boggart no way back with the open contract increasing in price. Even he was not provided with services from guns to medical care. Boggart’s fierce fights and fights occurred mostly when he was injured or exhausted.



Not stopping there, the Supreme Council also fiercely punished those who had helped John Wick in causing the murder at the Continental Hotel. That is the price of betraying trust, tolerating illegal behavior that has kept the assassins safe, fair, and transparent for many years.

The new female hit in  John Wick: Chapter 3  – Sofia (Halle Berry) also impressed with her fighting scenes and her background. Although there are many constraints that make Sofia should refuse the Boggart’s offer of help, but oaths and beliefs are what are most cherished in the assassin world, helping to create dignity and reputation. Despite the danger, Sofia agrees to her old friend’s request even though she knows she will surely pay the price for all her actions.




Each knot of  John Wick 3,  once unpacked, continues to open up a different direction. Because, the law of cause and effect is applied in all relationships around Boggarts: from enemies to old friends and acquaintances. The death of one person can completely change the course of the war, turning friends into enemies or turning opponents into allies. The large number of characters from different backgrounds that promise a more massive and epic world of assassins will be revealed in the next projects of the  John Wick franchise. 




Many viewers also believe that it is this unending hatred that makes the journey of John Wick and close people continue to open up countless turns, even more unfinished than the second part. Not only creating questions about the future, Boggart’s past is also revealed, making him sink deeper into the vortex of killing and hatred. Paying for his actions multiplied not only for John Wick, but also for Sofia, the owner of the Continental New York hotel or the Supreme Council itself.

The third film of the  John Wick  franchise has shown the intention to expand the brand quite openly. From simply being the avenger for his dog, Boggart offends many people, influences those close to him and even defies survival. Through the killing scenes, the work also emphasizes the law of cause and effect, because any wrong step leads to unpredictable consequences.



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