“Karate Boy“ Jaden Smith, Son Will Smith Shows His Belly Crop Top


The Smiths are one of the most famous families in Hollywood. His two children, Jaden and Willow, are now successful in the field of music and movies.

After Will Smith caused a media sensation for slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards, the actor’s family was equally controversial for supporting Smith’s violent actions, especially his third son. of the actor.

“That’s what we had to do. Dad made me cry,” Jaden Smith wrote on her personal page.

Supporting his father’s unbridled action made Jaden Smith receive a lot of criticism on social media. However, those things did not have much impact on the 24-year-old male singer. Jaden Smith is famous as a young star who is not afraid to cause controversy. Both Jaden and his sister Willow Smith are talented but equally rebellious stars.

Will Smith family at Oscar 2022 (far right is Trey Smith – stepchild of Will and ex-wife Sheree Zampino). Photo: Getty.

Controversy from fashion to lifestyle

In 2006, Jaden Smith first acted with her father in The Pursuit of Happyness. The actor later appeared in films such as After Earth, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

In particular, the role of the karate boy in The Karate Kid helped Jaden Smith’s name to be famous worldwide. Will Smith’s son was praised by Jackie Chan for inheriting his acting ability from his father and making an impression at the age of 12.

After the film’s success, Jaden Smith felt attacked by the media. In his memoir released in 2021, the Wild Wild West star said his son has a strong personality. Jaden asked to be independent, to escape from the family so as not to have to listen to malicious words from the media.

“The fans and the media are too hostile. They say things about Jaden that I don’t want to repeat. From a young age, Jaden had to listen to attacks and leave us. Fortunately, I advised him.” Will Smith writes in his memoirs.

Jaden Smith’s personality and controversial fashion style. Photo: Justjared, Backgrid.

Jaden Smith then focused on music. His musical career companion is Justin Bieber. The male singer featured with Bieber in Never Say Never when he was 12 years old.

In 2017, the guy born in 1998 released his debut album Syre as a rapper. Jaden’s next two albums were Erys and Cool Mix Tape 3.

In addition to a prominent career from a young age, Jaden Smith is the most controversial young star in Hollywood, both in terms of dress and personal life.

In June 2018, Jaden Smith became the focus of the media when wearing a dress to attend a Louis Vuitton event. Shortly after, the actor announced that he was bisexual when he publicly announced his love for rapper Tyler The Creator. Will Smith’s son said he loves his senior at the Tyler’s Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival event in Los Angeles, USA.

In addition, Smith is also the hottest young star in Hollywood. The beauties who have dated their son Will Smith are models Sofia Richie, Kylie Jenner, actress Amandla Stenberg, models Sarah Snyder, Cara Delevingne and recently Sab Zada.



Will Smith’s rebellious daughter

According to the Mirror , Willow Smith is as rebellious and multi-talented as his brother. Willow released his first single at the age of 9. Music products storm the US, UK and many countries. Willow then signed to Roc Nation – Jay-Z’s record label – as the company’s youngest artist ever.

In 2015, Willow released his debut album Ardipithecus . Her next two albums were The 1st and Willow . In 2021, she continues to release the hit album 

Lately I Feel Everything. At 22, she pocketed four albums as a professional rapper.

Thanks to the support of his famous father, Willow Smith participated in acting from a young age. She appeared in I Am Legend with Will Smith at the age of 8. Some of Willow’s other films include Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, voicing Baby Gloria in Madagascar 2. She won the Young Artist Awards for Best Young Actor for her role in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl.

Willow Smith’s most famous role is host of the show Red Table Talk. She also took on the role of producer. The actress often invites stars and famous mothers to talk about the generation gap in the family.

Willow Smith is more rebellious than his brother. Photo: Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue.

At the program Red Table Talk, Willow Smith shows the image of a girl with personality, extravagance and rebellion. She frankly discussed her mother’s adultery, openly being bisexual and showing the image of Gen Z’s personality, wanting to be independent from an early age. At the age of 22, Willow bought himself a riverside mansion in Malibu worth $3.1 million.

Compared to his brother, Willow Smith was more rebellious. In the music night “Willow in Concert: Lately I Feel Everything” taking place in July 2021, the female singer asked a barber to shave her head while performing the song ” Whip My Hair”.



The singer had previously shaved her head twice, once during a performance at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, USA, once at the age of 12 – after the song Whip My Hair became famous .

“It’s the perfect way to rebel. I’m young and passionate. I do it not to get noticed. Unexpected popularity is not the life I want,” she said.

In a broadcast of Red Table Talk, the actress said that she and her brother were shunned by family members and the black community just because they were openly bisexual.

“The African-American community is unhappy and alienated every time they come into contact with me and Jaden. They will talk and treat us like we’re not proud of them because they’re so different and weird.” she said.

According to Insider, the rebellion of Jaden Smith and Willow Smith was not forbidden by the family. Jada Pinkett Smith says she teaches her children to be independent from an early age. The actress does not interfere in her children’s decisions.


“Over the years, I’ve talked a lot about being criticized for bad parenting. I received a lot of criticism and text messages when Willow cut his hair short for the first time. My two children have every right to do so. Everything they want. What parents need to do is teach their children to take responsibility for their own bad decisions,” Jaden Pinkett said in an interview with People.


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