Lady Suri Cruise buys flowers for her mother


Suri Cruise – daughter of actress Katie Holmes and actor Tom Cruise – brought home flowers on Mother’s Day, May 14.

The teenage girl was seen holding two bouquets of purple flowers, carefully wrapped in plastic, leaving a flower shop in SoHo, New York. One of the two bouquets was said to be for her mother – actress Katie Holmes – on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Suri Cruise buys flowers for her mother
Suri Cruise on the street on Sunday.  Photo: TheImageDirect

Suri Cruise on the street on Sunday. Photo: TheImageDirect

Suri wears a simple outfit with jeans, a white shirt and has her hair down, bare-faced. Suri’s face is reminiscent of actress Katie Holmes in her youth. The girl also inherited some of her father’s beauties, especially the bridge of her nose and the shape of her eyes.

Suri and her mother have a close bond. Last month, the mother and daughter traveled to Los Angeles to celebrate Suri’s 17th birthday. They also often go shopping, go to cafes together.


Suri and her mother in Los Angeles in April.  Photo: Backgrid

Suri and her mother in Los Angeles in April. Photo: Backgrid

Katie Holmes has been Suri’s single mother for more than 10 years. Actress Batman Begins and her daughter lead a simple, private life in New York. For many years, Katie did not bring her children to the event and did not post Suri’s photos on Instagram.

According to People , Suri Cruise is about to enter college and she plans to study fashion at a school in New York so it’s close to home. Tom Cruise ‘s daughter also recently showed her singing talent when recording for two films her mother directed, but Suri is still focusing on her studies and has no plans to enter showbiz.


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