Unlike other stars who often make noise with their life off the pitch, Maguire is full of love for his wife Fern Hawkins. It is also she who is the fulcrum to help the captain of  MU  confidently conquer glory with the Red Devils.

Harry Maguire romantically with Fern Hawkins

There’s a Romantic Maguire

“Harry made me the happiest woman in the world, and he proposed to me in the most perfect way ,” Fern Hawkins posted on his personal Instagram page.

It was a Saturday evening, February 2018, when Maguire took Fern to Paris, France.

Maguire chose the most romantic city in the world to propose to his girlfriend from Sheffield.


At that time, Maguire was an indispensable player for Leicester, and was seen as the leader of the England team heading to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

After a romantic proposal, the two performed an engagement ceremony.

Maguire proposed to Fern in Paris

Maguire  believes that proposing to Fern will help him settle down in his career, especially the first World Cup of his career.

Indeed, in the summer of 2018, Maguire was one of the standout players, guiding England to the semi-finals – the team’s best performance since 1990.

During the tour in Russia, Fern was always present in the stands to become a significant source of strength for Maguire.

Impressive in the 2018 World Cup, and continued to stand out with Leicester in the 2018-19 season, Maguire became the most expensive centre-back in history when he moved to MU in the summer of 2019 (£80 million).


Fern Hawkins is the beautiful and talented WAGs of England

Who is Fern Hawkins?

Harry Maguire once said that Fern Hawkins was his greatest gift in life.

So, who is Fern Hawkins? In addition to being from the same hometown of Sheffield, Fern is also known for the image of a highly educated woman.

In 2017, Fern graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy.

With his knowledge, Fern helps Maguire in controlling fitness and limiting the risk of injury.

Last season, when he first arrived at MU, Maguire played all 38 Premier League matches without problems. Even when he had to compete with high density after the lockdown period, he still did not rest.

Fern has always been there to help Maguire over the years

It can be said that Fern greatly influenced her husband’s career. That’s why many MU fans also want the BLD team to recruit this beauty into the training component, to control the fitness and provide physical therapy for the players.

Harry met Fern in 2011, when he was a youngster for Sheffield United. Immediately, he understood that this was the woman of his life, and the two were always together like a picture and a shadow.

Their love resulted in the beautiful princess Lillie Saint Maguire, born in April 2019.

With a happy family, wonderful wife and beautiful daughter, Maguire is optimistically focused on football. The 27-year-old captain is dreaming of winning the Premier League with MU.