Midas, a cat with 4 ears from Türkiye, dominates the Internet


Midas was born with four unusual ears and a defective jaw caused by a genetic mutation, but that didn’t stop the four-month-old Turkish cat from becoming the center of attention with more than 73,000 followers across the world. social network Instagram.

In recent times, there are many funny videos and pictures about strange and funny animals that are popular on social networks. Continuing on this list is the adorable four-eared kitten that is wreaking havoc on the Internet. A four-month-old kitten born with four ears created a huge buzz on Instagram after photos of it went viral.

“We never thought about buying a cat, we just wanted to rescue one from the street and we ended up adopting it- Midas,” says cat owner Dosemeci, who also has two. Golden Retrievers, Zeyno (14 years old) and Suzi (12 years old) said.

Midas, a cat with four ears from Türkiye, dominates the Internet - meow
According to veterinarian Resat Nuri Aslan, although Midas’ appearance may be unusual, the cat’s condition does not affect its health or hearing. Photo: @Reuters.

A stray cat in an Anatolian public park, Dosemeci and his family chose the name Midas to refer to the Greek mythological king who was said to be able to turn everything he touches into gold. According to mythology, Midas ended up insulting the god Apollo, so the god punished King Midas by giving him an extra pair of donkey ears.

“In fact, Midas is a very happy cat. It loves to be cuddled and cuddled, sitting and sleeping on my lap. Midas often comes with two dogs, Suzi and Zeyno, who are also raised by me. We are one big family,” Canis Dosemeci, living in the Turkish capital Ankara, told Reuters news agency on November 19, 2021.


Midas, a cat with 4 ears from Türkiye, dominates the Internet - meow 4
Born with four ears and a deformed jaw, Midas was initially abandoned, but was lovingly adopted by Canis Dosemeci and her family. Photo: @Getty Images.

“There are also special cases like that in the world. But unlike other four-eared cats, Midas’ ear lobes are all connected to its main ear. In addition, Midas’ lower jaw is also wide to the sides, so its tongue is always sticking out. This genetic mutation is a condition that develops in the womb and is a congenital trait also present in Midas. Overall, this mutation is related to a recessive gene mutation from the cat’s parents, but it has nothing to do with Midas’s health, he can live normally like other cats,” said Dr. Veterinarian Resat Nuri Aslan shared more.

After examining Midas, Aslan said that under new regulations from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the cat was fitted with a cruise control chip and a passport was also issued under the name Midas. Along with the four ears, the kitten comes with another adorable detail; it has a white heart-shaped feather dome on its belly that is also attracting the attention of many Instagrammers.

Midas, a cat with 4 ears from Türkiye, dominates the Internet - meow 2
Because of Midas’ four unique ears, it soon became a topic of discussion online. Photo: @AFP.

Owner Dosemeci hopes Midas’ popularity can convince people to adopt abandoned pets in public rather than buy them from stores. She pointed out that many residents in the neighborhood began to visit regularly to see Midas.

“People were so surprised, they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw Midas,” said Dosemeci. “Everybody wants to come see this cat, or they want to take a picture with her”; “Some people also found Midas scary at first, but then everyone sympathized and took the initiative to get close.”

Canis Dosemeci, the owner of the special kitten, took to social media and created an account for this cat on Instagram, with the aim of giving everyone a chance to see her rare cat, and she let everyone know. knowing that, most of her followers are from outside Turkey. Midas’ fans come from all over, with those from Brazil, Iran, the UK and more. All were subdued by this kitten’s peculiar face and adorable ears.

Midas, a cat with 4 ears from Türkiye, dominates the Internet - meow 3
Photo: @AFP.

With the first post on social networks, Midas has also accumulated a large number of followers thanks to the images posted by Canis Dosemeci. With her followers growing every day, Midas now has more than 73,000 Instagram followers.

‘The cat is uniquely beautiful. You’re so lucky,’ said one internet user.
‘That is a miracle”; Love this little kitty so much”; “Two pairs of ears equal to double the cuteness”… There are a lot of words that Instagram users have dedicated to this young Idol that is dominating the Internet.


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