Moments of “Lion King” in the natural world lion father gently hugs his cub


The image of the lion father Mufasa and the lion cub Simba as seen in the image of a father and cub in Masai Mara National Park, Kenya.

The father and son lions had a warm close moment reminiscent of the movie “The Lion King”, the scene was taken at Masai Mara National Park in Kenya.

Photographer Sabine Bernert (53 years old) from Paris (France) captured these images early in the morning, when the father lion was lying around observing his territory, while the cub was hiding. in the grass and pretend to jump out to attack


Photographer Sabine Bernert made these photos to feature in a children’s book about the subject of nature – wildlife.

Photographer Bernert shared: “I especially love the moment when the lion father hugs his cub gently. The contrast between strength and tenderness can be seen, between large body and movement. tender. I was amazed to see that the father lion was so gentle towards the cub. It was a moment of pure beauty.”

Real moments of "Lion King" in the natural world - Photo 2.



Real moments of "Lion King" in the natural world - Photo 3.



Real moments of "Lion King" in the natural world - Photo 5.



Real moments of "Lion King" in the natural world - Photo 6.

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