Mysteries about UFOs that science can’t explain


An astronomer predicted an unidentified flying object in China and it appeared a month later, making many people shudder.

In the past, people have seen UFOs (Unidentified flying objects) many times. Millions of people have observed UFOs appearing in the sky over China; Pilots on a flight in France saw a giant ball flying at high speed even though it was not powered by an engine…

These phenomena have so far remained a mystery and they are unlike anything man-made.

Những bí ẩn UFO chưa có lời giải trên thế giới - VnExpress

The special thing is that the testimonies from the witnesses who have observed and described these UFOs are the same, are they high-tech devices brought to Earth by aliens?

Back in late 1940, an American pilot then about 30 years old said he had observed 9 flying saucers spinning at high speed in the sky over Washington State, USA.

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people, including pilots, have witnessed unidentified flying objects appearing all over the planet.

The French Research and Information Group on Unidentified Aeronautical Phenomena (GEIPAN), which is responsible for the study and investigation of reported UFO cases, verified the evidence observed by the people in the area. this country.

Có gì trong báo cáo về UFO của Lầu Năm Góc?

In the database of GEIPAN, they have collected thousands of people’s testimonies about UFOs. After verification, the agency said, most of the eyewitness accounts of UFOs were actually man-made objects such as drones or weather balloons. meteorological agencies released into the sky.

However, about 4% of UFO cases remain a mystery to this day.

Mysterious UFO in the sky over France

Among the cases reported to GEIPAN by pilots, there is an unusual story told by the crew on flight AF3532, from Nice (France) to London (England) on January 28/ 1994.

It was about 13:44 (local time), when the plane was at an altitude of nearly 12,000 meters above sea level, in the airspace of Coulommiers, Loir et Cher province, central France. The weather conditions that day provided good visibility for the pilot with a range of about 200 to 300 km. And the captain in the cockpit looked at a strange object in the sky.

At first, he thought it was a weather balloon that was released into the sky by meteorological agencies, but the reality made the crew shudder.

The pilot of the Airbus A320 aircraft tilted 45 degrees to the northwest and discovered this strange object less than 50km away from him.

NASA ra mắt đội ngũ khoa học chuyên tìm hiểu “bí ẩn” UFO | VTV.VN

“It has a reddish-brown color, huge size with a diameter of about 1km and they have no wings, rudders or engines but move at the same speed as an airplane and then disappear after about 1 minute,” the pilot said. flight description.

Radar detects this mysterious UFO 

At the same time, the French Air Defense Operations Center recorded this object appearing on radar screens for about 50 seconds before disappearing and it passed the orbit of flight AF3532, but this UFO information is not true. match with what the crew described.

The French Weather Service indicated that this could be a sonic balloon that had passed the orbit of the A320, but an hour before the crew report, the balloon exploded. and has moved very far to the Southeast.


The story makes investigators “headache” when the evidence about this object is almost nonexistent.

Thành phố được người ngoài hành tinh bảo vệ?

This forced experts to conclude that the crew of flight AF 3532 could have simply observed a balloon-like object in flight or that they had witnessed an atmospheric optical phenomenon that has not yet been observed. known to science.

Spiral of light in the moonless sky in China

At about 10 p.m. (local time) on July 24, 1981, millions of witnesses saw a strange phenomenon like a spiral of light in the sky of China, which was very dark at that time.

It also appears in scattered provinces such as Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Qinghai.

About 10 million Chinese people witnessed it in the moonless sky, an unidentified spiral-shaped flying object, and scientists are sure that these are not stars from outer space.

To be able to explain this phenomenon, the Chinese Association for the Study of UFOs has put forward three theories, it could be near-Earth meteorites, airplanes and alien “flying saucers”.

For the first hypothesis is a meteorite, the team of experts from the Zijinshan Astronomical Observatory and the Association for the Study of UFOs in Sichuan Province revealed, the UFO observed on July 24, 1981 located at altitude About 500km high, it moves at several kilometers per second, in the opposite direction to Earth’s rotation, and the information about this object does not match any meteor data being tracked.

In the case of this UFO being a spy plane would be more feasible as they are often favored by intelligence agencies, but analysts have not yet been able to come up with scientific arguments to support this hypothesis.

The previous revelation from an astronomer scared many people

UFO testimonies are viewed on the night of 24/7 in many different directions.

Phát hiện đĩa bay của người ngoài hành tinh tại New Zealand | Báo Gia Lai điện tử

Some eyewitnesses even said they saw the windows at the bottom with spirals! However, the evidence to determine this is an alien UFO is still very much lacking and the photos or recordings to help astronomers analyze are of poor quality, leading to this being still a mystery. there is an answer.

Back to the time before the UFO appeared in July 1981. A Chinese astronomer made observations from the Astronomical Observatory in Yunnan Province in June 1981, and he speculated about the appearance of a UFO in late July, after this information was reported. put in the press made many people scared! Indeed, his prediction was correct.

But his explanations at that time were not enough evidence to verify his opinion as well as explain the strange phenomenon that occurred a month later.

Strange phenomena or UFOs discovered in China or France are still mysteries that persist to this day.

Many people around the world, at least those who have witnessed these phenomena as well as some scientists believe that UFOs on Earth are real, maybe it comes from a planet in the vast universe. our.


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