Mysterious mass grave containing 60 ancient Egyptian warrior mummies

Excavating a mass grave in Deir el Bahari (Egypt), experts discovered 60 warrior mummies from more than 4,000 years ago…

This tomb was discovered in 1923 and sealed for study. According to Egyptian archaeologists, such mass burials were particularly rare in ancient Egypt.

Through research, the creepy story that happened around 2150 BC was gradually revealed.

Experts say that around this time, many bloody wars broke out in Egypt. One of those fierce wars claimed the lives of 60 warriors.


After death, the bodies of these warriors were embalmed and buried together in a mass grave. Based on the condition of the mummies, experts found that most of them lost their lives because of many serious injuries on the body.

Many mummies have broken skulls and many wounds on their bodies caused by swords, bows and arrows. Archaeologist Salima Ikram said that these warriors experienced extremely painful and scary deaths.


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