Messi’s son attends Neymar’s kid’s birthday


The two boys Thiago and Mateo of Messi’s family and the boys of the PSG star series came to celebrate the 10th birthday of Davi Lucca – Neymar’s son – on August 25.

On his personal page, Neymar shared a series of photos on his son’s birthday and confided: “May God bless you, my son. I love you too. Happy birthday to Davi Lucca”.


The series of photos attracted attention when there were the appearance of Messi’s two eldest sons, Thiago (second from right) and Mateo (far left).

Thiago kid is one year younger than Davi Lucca, the two seem to be close, playing well together. Neymar and Messi used to be brothers, very close teammates at Barca, so the two players’ children have known each other since childhood.

Messi once shared that Thiago was like his father, shy and introverted, so it was difficult to leave Barcelona where he was born and raised. However, the Argentine superstar believes that he will quickly adjust to his new life in Paris.

In addition to Messi’s children, 4 children of Mauro Icardi, two daughters of Di Maria, children of Leandro Paredes – Messi’s three compatriots and the babies of some close teammates at PSG such as goalkeeper Keylor Navas or Marquinhos also came. Cheers to Neymar’s son.


Little Davi Lucca with mom and dad. Neymar and his ex-boyfriend Carolina Dantas have been dating since their teens and picked up Davi Lucca when he was 19 years old. Although they do not continue to be together, the two share the upbringing and care of their son together, keeping a good relationship. While Neymar was still single, Carolina Dantas had a new one and gave birth to another baby.

After his son’s birthday, the PSG striker posted a photo with his parents, sister and a friend. Like Messi, Neymar also chose his father as his agent. The 29-year-old superstar is also a type of person who values ​​family affection.

Messi’s smile on the training ground at the Paris team after more than two decades with Barca. Became a PSG member since August 10, but Messi has not yet played because he has not reached his best fitness. The media speculated that the 34-year-old superstar would make his debut in the away match at Reims on the evening of August 29.


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