The Scariest Monsters in the Ocean


At first glance they seem quite like other friendly fish, but when hungry they become a nightmare with what they encounter along the way.

Topping the most dangerous aquatic species of the Amazon region, an estimated 1,200 cows are eaten by this fish each year in Brazil, eating animals both on land and in water, even carrion… That’s just it. A few basic features of the Piranha fish, the horror under water.
Piranha looks quite similar to the flat-bodied ornamental fish.
They have quite eye-catching colors, from yellow, gray, bluish, reddish to black.

Piranha features a bulldog face, large lower jaw, razor-sharp teeth.
It is not surprising that a school of Piranha fish can eat a cow in just 10 minutes.

Piranha fish enjoying their meal.
Humans are also the prey of this fish, many children playing in the river and women washing clothes on the banks have become the unf ortunate victims of Piranha, which is nicknamed the sawtooth fish, tiger fish or water wolf.
Image of a giant piranha, a real “monster”.

Piranha is a major threat to all aquatic species.
The most fearsome is the red-bellied Piranha with a dizzying attack speed, and they attack anything that gets in their way. They can gnaw wooden boats, oars or even attack humans.
Piranhas have very sensitive hearing, which helps them locate their prey even in murky water. During the rainy season, when the water in the swamps is full, piranhas can go around spreading terror.
At this time, piranhas are the most feared terrorists. Even giant water pythons can fall victim to piranhas.
When the dry season comes, piranhas must quickly get out of the swamp because this place will dry out quickly, if not left in time they will again become bait for other fish like the Cayman crocodile for example.

Piranha’s number one rival is the crocodile Cayman.

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