Precise hunting tactics like in a textbook, jaguars only use one move to defeat caiman crocodiles

Many people only know the fear of the jaguar when hunting on land, but do not know that it is also the ruler of the entire riverside and swamp areas along Central and South America.
Precise hunting tactics  like in a textbook, jaguars only use one move to defeat caiman crocodiles

In the big cat family, the jaguar ranks alongside lions, tigers, leopards and snow leopards in the list of the most feared predators in the wild. According to the statistics of scientists, jaguars are the terror of more than 80 animals in the Americas, including large ones such as tapirs, deer and deer.
Video: Cá sấu caiman bỏ mạng dưới nanh sắc của báo đốm Nam Mỹ

Not only famous for its high-speed chases, leopards are also extremely dangerous in stalking phases, silently ambushing prey.

The video filmed in Patanal National Park will show us the mischievousness and efficiency of the jaguar when hunting, with the prey also an animal that is not easy to eat

Right from the opening sequence, we can see how much effort it takes to get close to the caiman, the jaguar.

It gently, gracefully threaded its body through each bush, silently swam through the water like a good swimmer and then slowly approached its prey before attacking.


Precise hunting tactics like in a textbook, jaguars only use one move to defeat caiman crocodile photo 1
Close enough and then the leopard launches an attack.

When the close range is close enough, all the leopard needs to do is make one of his special bites to bring down the prey. With the feature of having the strongest bite force in the big cat family, the jaguar is experienced enough to use its strengths to attack the weak point of its prey, which is the cervical vertebrae below the skull.

Precise hunting tactics like in textbooks, jaguars only use one move to defeat caiman crocodile photo 2
Just one bite in the dangerous place is enough for the jaguar to knock down its prey.

The vicious blow quickly knocked the caiman down, knocking it down instantly before being dragged ashore and eaten by the jaguar.

Although the caiman is a close relative of the infamous king crocodile and is also well known as a predator in the area, when faced with a jaguar that is too tall, it still has to accept the number. prey part.


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