Ronaldo’s Dream Team: Got the Ballon d’Or and ‘dominated era’ but no Messi


Cristiano Ronaldo recently pointed out his dream team of 11 top stars of contemporary world football.

Since the beginning of 2023, Cristiano Ronaldo has not played in Europe after moving to Al Nassr club in Saudi Arabia. Despite having 11 goals and 2 assists after 11 appearances in all competitions, the 38-year-old superstar is still not satisfied.

Al Nassr is currently only second in the Saudi Pro League, three points behind leaders Al Ittihad. CR7 is still excellent, but to win the championship, he also needs high-class teammates. Unfortunately, apart from Talisca, there is no Al Nassr player capable of creating mutations.

Even though he is a world superstar, it is difficult for Ronaldo to carry Al Nassr alone

That makes fans remember the days when Ronaldo was in Europe. From Real Madrid, Juventus or Man Utd, CR7 is always side by side with top stars.

Recently, the Saudi newspaper Goal has presented the dream team voted by Cristiano Ronaldo himself. Here gathers the top 11 names of world football, arranged in a super ɑttacking 4-3-3 scheme.

Starting from the wooden frame will be Iker Casillas – the legendary captain of Real Madrid. The pair of steel central defenders standing in front of the goal is a combination of Rio Ferdinand and Giorgio Chiellini, the most bloody and rolling defenders in the world.

Ronaldo chose Marcelo and Ramos as a pair of full-backs in his typical team

Ronaldo’s squad is definitely indispensable for his close friend Marcelo, who is classified as a left-back. Meanwhile, the opposite wing will be held by Sergio Ramos, the position he played in his early days with Real Madrid.


The three-man midfield includes the 2018 Golden Ball Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, who have assisted Ronaldo to score countless goals at Real Madrid. The remaining position will belong to MU legend, Paul Scholes.

And the most expected part is the 3-man ɑttack. Ronaldo cannot help but name two famous associates, Gareth Bale and the 2022 Golden Ball Karim Benzema.

The BBC era is also the peak period of Ronaldo’s career

The two teamed up with CR7 to make Real’s BBC set to dominate Europe with 3 consecutive C1 Cup championships in the 2016-2018 period.

The remaining position is quite sᴜrprising belongs to Wayne Rooney, who has made controversial statements about Ronaldo both when he returned and when he left Man Utd. However, CR7 still thinks that ‘Shrek guy’ is one of the best strikers of all time. The proof is 253 goals for the Red Devils, the most in club history.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Dream Team

Thus, the 11 names in this squad are all players who have stood with Ronaldo, so Lionel Messi will not be present.

In addition, there are no names from the Portuguese team to participate. Especially Pepe, although he also accompanied CR7 in the Real Madrid shirt.


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