Soccer star Neymar shows off his excellent basketball court, paying tribute to many NBA stars and legends


Brazilian soccer star Neymar recently showed off a suρer basketball court built right in his own mansion. There, he paid tribute to many famous NBA players.

As one of the top stars in football, Neymar Jr. has a very close relationship with many basketball players. Prominent among these include Draymond Green, Jimmy Butler, and Stephen Curry.

In addition, Neymar also has a close relationship with Michael Jordan, with whom he once collaborated to create his own shoe collection called “NJR x Air Jordan”.

To show his love for the orange ball, the Brazilian soccer star built a basketball court inside his giant villa in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro.


The wall in the corner of the yard is decorated with a giant mural, bearing images of many famous NBA players

Here, Neymar paid tribute to some of his favorite NBA basketball players by commissioning a giant mural.

Appearing next to the basketball court are images of top names such as Michael Jordan, the late legend Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

In addition, former star Scottie Pippen also appeared alongside Neymar’s two close friends, Draymond Green and Jimmy Butler.


Currently playing for Paris Saint-Germain Club, playing in France’s top football tournament, Ligue 1, Neymar once shared that basketball is a very special part of his life.

One of the individuals who made the biggest impact on basketball for him is Jimmy Butler, Neymar’s brother for many years.

In addition, Neymar also highly respects Kobe Bryant, a “spiritual brother and teacher”.

Image of Kobe Bryant on the mural

After the late Los Angeles Lakers legend suԀԀenly passed away, Neymar paid tribute to Kobe with a special goal celebration, holding up the number 24 in front of the camera lens.

“Our lives have a lot in common and I learned a lot from him,” Neymar shared early last year.

“We met many times every time he came to Paris and seeing Kobe’s personality and character off the court was truly a privilege for me. Unfortunately, this world has lost a great personality and person.”


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