HOT! MU closed the contract for 120 million euros to replace Casemiro, the partner immediately responded ‎


According to British media, Man Utd has been continuously monitoring Joao Neves  in recent times and is ready to make a transfer move for this player. The Red Devils sent scouts to Portugal to observe Neves in Benfica’s recent victory over Sporting Lisbon.

Liverpool and Arsenal are also said to want Neves, according to 90min. However, Man Utd is the team that shows the most enthusiasm. The Old Trafford team was interested in Neves even at a younger level a year ago.

Romano: Benfica have no intention to open talks for João Neves in January despite Man United sending their scouts - Bóng Đá

 Man Utd’s goal.

Any decision on whether Man Utd will recruit Neves or not must wait until Sir Jim Ratcliffe completes taking over 25% of the shares from the club. Man Utd identified this player as a potential replacement for Casemiro in the holding midfielder position.


Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano confirmed that Man Utd are indeed pursuing Neves. The player scored the equalizer in the 94th minute and Benfica won 2-1 after teammate Casper Tengstedt scored three minutes later.

Most recently, Romano further revealed: “Benfica has no intention of opening negotiations for Neves in January even though Man United has repeatedly sent scouts to monitor this talented midfielder.

There is a similar contract break clause as Enzo Fernandez a year ago which was 120 million euros.”


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