Trio of Soccer Icons Unite in Miami Jesse Lingard, Neymar, and Ronaldinho’s Fun-filled Encounter Takes a Hilarious Turn with Declan Rice’s Playful Prank


JESSE Lingard is enjoying the heat in the Sunshine State alongside some very well known faces including Neymar.

The soon to be former Manchester united star, 29, posed for a photo with Neymar in what appeared to be a Miami nightclub.

Jesse Lingard and Neymar were pleased to see each otherCredit: instagram @JesseLingard

Lingard also bumped into football royalty ronaldinhoCredit: instagram @JesseLingard

The attacking midfielder soaked up the sun in MiamiCredit: Splash


Neymar has also been enjoying the sunshine state alongside girlfriend Bruna Biancardi

Lingard shows off his american football skills

Lingard was also joined by Brazil legend ronaldinho and had to take a snap with the star.

He proudly uploaded the two photos to his instagram page alongside a caption that reads: “Catch up with my bros.”


Neymar shared the photo too and replied to Lingard saying: “Nice to see you man.”

Declan rice took notice of his former team-mate’s fun in the sun and decided to poke fun at Lingard.

Lingard will be without a club in a matter of weeks but he appears to be relaxed about his situation.

He has been enjoying the uS lifestyle including partying with pop stars Chris Brown and Teyana Taylor in Miami.

Last week he also gatecrashed a stag do packed with united fans in Las Vegas and gifted the group two bottles of champagne.


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