Aubrey Plaza jokes she is ‘going to destroy’ Jason Statham when they co-star in upcoming Guy Ritchie film


Aubrey Plaza has landed a role alongside renowned action star Jason Statham in an upcoming spy thriller directed by Guy Ritchie. The former Parks And Recreation actress joked to the WSJ Magazine that she plans to “destroy” Statham in their project, adding her signature humorous touch to the announcement. The age difference between the stars is notable, with Plaza being 36 and Statham 53, but it will be exciting to see them team up on the big screen.

Looking ahead: Aubrey Plaza recently joked to the WSJ Magazine that she is 'going to destroy' Jason in their next project

In an interview with WSJ Magazine, Aubrey Plaza made a humorous statement about her upcoming project with Jason Statham. She shared that she is excited to shoot the movie and hopes to play the role of a CIA agent with authority. She jokingly mentioned that she plans to outdo Statham in terms of being a badass. The filming of the project started on the same day the article was published, according to Deadline. Plaza also talked about her experience working with Michael Caine in the upcoming comedy movie Best Sellers. She humorously referred to it as attending the Michael Caine School of Acting, while Caine complimented her professionalism and humorous persona.


Dashing: Jason will play an MI6 agent in the film alongside Aubrey Plaza, 36, who will portray a CIA high-tech expert, according to Deadline

Exciting news for fans of actress Aubrey Plaza! The 36-year-old Parks And Recreation star is set to star alongside Jason Statham, 53, in an upcoming spy thriller directed by Guy Ritchie. The movie will also feature Cary Elwes from Stranger Things and English rapper Bugzy Malone. This marks the fifth collaboration between Guy and Jason, who first worked together on Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels back in 1998. The film, which is still untitled, is being produced by Miramax with 51% ownership held by beIN Media Group, based in Doha. Get ready for an action-packed adventure!


So sweet: Meanwhile she had warm words for Michael Caine whom she will soon be seen acting with in the comedy movie Best Sellers

In a heartwarming moment, Aubrey expressed her admiration for Michael Caine, her co-star in the upcoming comedy film, Best Sellers. However, she also opened up about her insecurities regarding watching herself in last year’s drama-thriller, Black Bear, which she had also produced. Aubrey admitted to feeling uncomfortable during the viewing because she never experiences that sensation of nailing a scene. While she does not believe that producing every movie she acts in is necessary, there are certain instances where it’s important to shape the final product and have her input matter. Aubrey took on a producer role in her previous films, Ingrid Goes West and The Little Hours.

Friends: It is the fifth movie that Guy and Jason have done together going back to Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels which made them both stars in 1998

Exciting news! Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham are teaming up again for their fifth movie together, dating back to their breakout success in 1998 with Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels. This time around, they’re thrilled to be involved in the project from start to finish and have more control over its outcome. Meanwhile, Aubrey Plaza recently took on a supporting role in the heartwarming Hulu rom-com, Happiest Season, which was a departure from her typically wild and unpredictable characters. She enjoyed playing a role that was closer to her true self, as she is married to filmmaker Jeff Baena in real life. Overall, it’s great to see these talented actors branching out and exploring new opportunities.

Side by side: Aubrey recently had a supporting role in Hulu's lesbian romantic comedy Happiest Season in which she is pictured alongside Kristen Stewart

Along with Kristen Stewart, Aubrey portrayed a supporting character in the lesbian romantic comedy, Happiest Season, which was aired on Hulu.


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